Heart breaker

Last Friday, Clarkston fans were heartbroken the second time in three weeks, when the varsity football team lost the division 1 district championship game to Lake Orion, 30-27.
‘We had a great season,? said coach Kurt Richardson. ‘I don’t know if you can see a better high school football game. That was like two heavy weights standing toe to toe. We played hard and that’s all you can ask of them.?
When Clarkston faced Lake Orion in early October, the Dragons were missing their quarterback Chris Lum. This game was Lum’s third game back in full strength.
‘We were lucky enough to make some plays and get ahead of the game,? said Lake Orion coach Chris Bell. ‘We got our quarterback back so that gave us an advantage.?
‘Clarkston played a great game,? continued Coach Bell. ‘They played their hearts out and it’s a great team. They always have great heart, great tradition. We were fortunate to win. ?
The game began with a kickoff from Clarkston Senior Erik Thompson.
Five seconds into the game, the ball was handed to Lake Orion’s Branden Oakes. Oakes ran 52 yards before being stopped by Julius Porter at the eight yard line. Ryan Broth stopped short of the goal line, at the one yard line. The ball was then handed off to Oakes and stopped by Clarkston’s Carlo Mollicone bringing Lake Orion to their third down with three to go.
Then, Brandon Hughes broke up a pass intended for Broth. The Wolves bring the ball to the twenty yard line, pushing the offense away from making a touchdown.
The Dragons seized the opportunity and with a field goal kick from Jeff Heath brought the score to 0-3.
With 9:43 on the clock, a pass goes to Thompson. Then Lake Orion’s Robby Lentz stopped Thompson at the 49 yard line enough to bring it to the first down for Clarkston.
The ball was handed off to Jimmy Popp, then was tackled by Cane Hayes.
With another hand off to Popp, he was tackled by Heath and Blaine Stormer. Clarkston still at first down with 10 to go at the 35 yard line. The ball went to Dakota Bender then stopped by Evan Gros. Clarkston second down at the 41 yard line.
Bender got the ball. He proceeded to run 16 yards before being stopped by Stormer.
The ball pitched to Bender and Stormer moved in on the tackle. The ball was tripped
Orion’s Kevin Kelly stopped Popp, and brought the Wolves to their fourth down with 1 to go at the 15 yard line.
With 5:34 remaining on the clock, Bender got the Wolves to their first down and was stopped by Stormer and Charles Fleck.
Popp received the ball and then was stopped by Stormer on the 9 yard line.
The Wolves continue to drive the ball further in Orion’s end zone. Popp stopped by Robby Lentz on the one yard line.
At 4:30 on the clock, quarterback Nick Shamoun scored a touchdown for Clarkston. With Thompson on the kick for the extra point, Clarkston brought the score 7-3.
In 12 plays, the Wolves drove the ball 65 yards. Thompson kicked off the ball. Orion’s Zac Clouse received the ball then was tripped up by Justin Zirwes bringing the Dragons to their first down on their own 39 yard line.
At 4:14 on the clock, Orion’s Broth received a pass and ran 65 yards into Clarkston’s end zone to make a touchdown. Heath kicked for the extra point bringing Orion back ahead in points with the score 7-10.
Heath with the kickoff and the ball was picked up by Julius Porter. Orion’s John Chathakhot stopped him on the Wolves 35 yard line bringing the Wolves to their first down.
A handoff to Thompson stopped by Stormer and A.J. Gill. Lake Orion’s defense continued to stopped Clarkston’s offense, as they stop Dakota Bender and brought the Wolves to their third down.
Popp was tripped up by Robby Lentz after a 35 yard run with 2:34 remaining in the first quarter.
As the last few minutes go by, Clarkston continued to drive forward and stopped by Orion’s defense until the last second counted down and Matt Calvano was stopped on the 18 yard line by James Miller.
The second quarter was underway. At 11:25, the ball was handed off to Oakes and stopped by sophomore Jeff Dean. Seconds later, the ball rolled dead at the end of Orion’s fourth down. Clarkston gained control of the ball.
Less than three minutes into the second quarter, the Wolves made their second touchdown of the game. Nick Shamoun made a 65 yard pass to Porter at the 40 yard line. Porter caught the pass and took off for the end zone. Thompson kicked for the extra point and the score is brought to 14-10.
The Wolves drove the ball 69 yards in two plays.
Thompson kicked the ball and Lake Orion’s Vinny Booker caught the ball before being stopped by Adam Sharp. The Dragons remained in control of the ball.
At 8:31, a pass was completed to Chad Nieswand and then stopped by Brandon Hughes on Clarkston’s 34 yard line. Lake Orion edged closer to the end zone.
Less than four minutes later, Broth scored a touchdown for the Dragons as referees put a flag on the play and called a dead ball foul against Clarkston. Heath kicked for the extra point and brought the score 14-17 in favor of Lake Orion.
Lake Orion drove the ball 65 yards in 11 plays.
Porter received the kickoff from Heath. Then, he was stopped by Chanthaknot and John Marcoux on the fifteen yard line in Clarkston’s end zone. Porter broke through one tackle on his way to run nine yards and then was stopped by Charles Fleck.
At 4:02 on the clock, Popp popped the ball out to brother Alex Popp. A personal foul called against Lake Orion for face mask and the ball was brought to the 40 yard line in Orion’s end zone.
With 1:45 remaining, Thompson caught a 15 yard throw and was stopped by Stormer.
Within the next 15 seconds, Popp brought the ball to the eight yard line and was stopped by Fleck. The Wolves at their first down.
The ball went to Popp and he was stopped again this time by Eric Knoblock and Zac Clouse. Bringing the Wolves to their second down with a lose of one yard at the nine yard line.
Dragon’s Kevin Kelly tipped the ball at the line of scrimmage at the 1:17 mark bringing
Popp received the ball and fought through Orion’s defense to make a touchdown for Clarkston with 1:13 left in the first half. Thompson kicked for the extra point, but the kick went wide right and the point is missed. The Wolves brought the score 20-17
The Wolves drove the ball 85 yards in nine plays.
The third quarter began with a kick off from Lake Orion’s Heath. Bender caught the ball from the kick off and then was tackled by A.J. Gill and Kelly.
Less than a minute into the quarter, Blackstone moved the ball nine yards on to Orion’s forty-eight yard line and enough to bring Clarkston to their first down. Then, Thompson was tripped up on the 39 yard line.
At 9:46, Thompson stopped by Stormer and there was a flag on the ball. Clarkston at their third down. Shamoun got the ball and was taken down by Zac Clouse.
A minute later, Orion regained control of the ball and a pass was completed to Booker, and then is stopped by Porter. Orion at their first down.
At 8:13, referees back the ball 10 yards back against Lake Orion for holding. The ball placed at the 18 yard line.
After Clarkston defense putting a stop to Orion’s pushing forward in plays, and with 4:28 left in the third quarter, Lum threw the ball. The ball went 23 yards and was caught by Broth. Broth continued forward to make a touchdown for Lake Orion. Heath went for the extra point and the kick is blocked by Porter. Lake Orion brought the score to 20-23.
Lake Orion drove the ball 83 yards in nine plays.
Porter received the ball after Heath’s kickoff. He was stopped at the 29 yard line.
Popp ran 13 yards before being stopped by Gill, Clarkston at their first down at the 43 yard line.
Popp fumbled the ball and Lake Orion picked it up. Orion remained in control of the ball for the next for minutes with Clarkston defending and stopping the ball.
With 16 seconds left of the third quarter, Broth broke through two tackles on his way to make another touchdown for Lake Orion. Heath kicked for the point. The Dragons bring the score 20-30.
The fourth quarter began with Clarkston in possession of the ball.
A minute and a half in, Popp ran across the 25 yard line and was stopped at the 23 yard line when Fleck grabbed him around the ankles.
At 8:39, at their fourth down, Shamoun passed the ball to Blackstone. Blackstone ran 18 yards into the end zone for the touchdown for Clarkston. Thompson kicked for the point and brought the score 27-30. The Wolves drove the ball 80 yards in nine plays.
Thompson kicked off the ball, and Orion’s Mikael Lott caught it at the 35 yard line.
At 6:43, the ball was kicked off and rolled dead at the 20 yard line. Clarkston gained control of the ball. Then, Popp stopped in the line of scrimmage of Kevin Loney.
Thompson caught a pass from Shamoun with Dragon Fleck defending.
Shamoun threw the ball and Porter caught the 40 yard pass before being tackled by Stormer. The play brought Clarkston to their first down at the 47 yard line.
Popp gained four yards before being stopped by Hughes and Clarkston at their second down. Blackstone continued the gain with three more yards before being stopped by Heath.
Then, Popp stopped by Heath at the 35 yard line, bringing Clarkston to their first down.
With 1:19 left in the game, Shamoun completed a 11 yard pass to Thompson, bringing the ball to the 13 yard line.
Unfortunately for Clarkston, there was miscommunication about either they were going to kick it for the field goal or go for the touchdown. With the delay in communication, the Wolves were charged with a delay of game penalty and the ball backed up to the 20 yard line.
With 23 seconds left, the Wolves brought the ball back to the 15 yard line and to their fourth down.
The game ended with the ball out of range for the Wolves.
?(Jimmy) Popp was outstanding. He had his best game tonight. He was the man,? said Richardson. ‘He was playing hurt. He had a gouge taken out of his arm. They wanted to take him to the hospital, but he said no.?
‘Another great battle between two football teams,? said Bell.
The Wolves end the season with nine wins, two losses.