I want to start seeing some red

Readers — listen up! (That almost makes sense.)
I want you to rev up your red writing utensils and get ready to start marking up your Oxford Leader (or Lake Orion Review, Clarskston News and Citizen).
We want you to show us what you read. To do that, cross out those articles and stories you do not read (that’s where the red writing utensil comes in handy). And, on those stories you do read, mark the point where you stopped and moved on to the next.
In theory (everything works, we’re great, you’re happy and there are no red marks) we can use our journalistic skills and heightened sense of deductive reasoning to deduce what you find important and interesting . . . and not so important or not so interesting.
Since I am in the begging mood, I also ask you do this for more than one week. Three would be great — four weeks outstanding. When you complete your task send (or hand deliver) the marked up papers back to us. Our mailing address is PO Box 108, Oxford, MI 48371. Our physical location is at 666 S. Lapeer Road, here in Oxford.
For your efforts we’ll make sure you get a free want ad voucher worth $12 — and we’ll enter your name into a drawing for a special gift (that’ll be named later, but worth well over $100) to be drawn in August.
This will be the first prong of a several pronged tactic to gauge what we are doing. As the summer rolls along we’ll ask you, our readers and advertising clients, questions about quality, accuracy, fairness, effectiveness, demographics — all those things which if we read correctly, will help us produce better products.
For your information, our idea is that each time you help us out, your name will be added to the drawing. Helping us out each time we ask means your name will have a better chance of being drawn. That means if you want a chance for the gold, you cannot remain anonymous.
We want your feedback. Without your comments and opinion, we would operate in a vacuum. Since we’re in the communication business, operating in a vacuum isn’t a good thing.
Before I end this — English teachers and those with very good grammar/punctuation/spelling skills: You can mark up our mistakes if you want, but don’t forget to do the other stuff. Grade us, if you must.
* * *
The other day I had a powerful hankerin? for some south of the border fare so I went to Muy (moo-ey) Loco Cancun Cantina in downtown Lake Orion. I ordered a Mexican Pizza, chips and a water.
The waitress brought the water, chips and some salsa to my table. The salsas (there were two) were different. One was red, the other green. I tasted them both and asked for something hotter.
When she returned with the new, hotter dipping sauce I had a flashback. The sauce ‘looked? familiar.
‘This looks like the old Revere’s sauce,? I thought. I tasted it, and it tasted like the old Revere’s sauce. What a great coincidence, I thought. But, it wasn’t by chance that Muy Loco, which opened in May, had the same hot sauce Revere’s served. Revere’s, for new folks, was a Mexican joint located in Oxford, that after 28 years of business, closed a few years ago. Revere’s was owned and operated by Larry Laidler — who is now in the kitchen at Muy Loco.
Larry said the new place has some of his old specialties, plus a lot more.
They have done a nice job with the decor; the food is good and well priced and, according to Larry, have great Margaritas. They’re open 11-10, Monday through Thursday, 11-11 on Fridays and Saturdays. They are located at 29 E. Front Street and to order take-outs call 248-814-1004.
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