It’s a Mohawk thing

The Clarkston Varsity Soccer team showed why they are champions as they beat Rochester 2-1 this past Thursday.
Before going into the Regional playoffs, the Wolves got the same, Mohawk-style hair cut.
It wasn’t to intimidate their challengers, though maybe it did since they have made it to the semi-finals.
It wasn’t to make a fashion statement.
It was to show their team unity.
The game’s first half began with a push by senior Oliver Kupe towards Rochester’s goal. The half ended with Rochester giving one last attempt as the clock counted down the last few seconds. Both strong teams were unable to score goals in those forty minutes.
Rochester was the first to succeed, getting a goal 15 minutes into the second half. Dennis O’Rourke passed the ball in front of the goal, Jimmy Nieman stepped forward and shot the ball into the right corner of the net.
With 14:33 left in the game, John Timm served the ball in the box to Kupe who flicked the ball with his head to Kevin Pinkos on the other side. Pinkos headed the ball into the goal.
The next 10 minutes intensified as each team tried to break the 1-1 tie.
At 4:26, the tie was broken. Timm served a cross from the left side of the field to Brandon Verlinden. Verlinden shot the ball into the goal, giving the Wolves a one-point lead.
“Brandon Verlinden alway’s in the right place at the right time. He’s an opportunist and again did it for us tonight,” said coach Adam Bican after the game.
“He knows where to be and he can anticipate very well. He’s a fantastic player. He’s completely unselfish. So when you do those things well, things have their way of coming to you.”
Rochester pushed in the last final minutes, but couldn’t make the win.
“I am extremely proud of these kids, everything they have gone through this year, everything they have done.I am just proud to be their coach,” Bican said.
“I think we lost to a good team,? said Rochester’s coach Mark Whitcomb.’I think we were better tonight, we were just unfortunate. I always look forward to seeing them in Regionals. There is a history there since I used to be the coach. I am very proud of them, it’s a very good team. It’s not upsetting to lose to a good team like that.”
Going into semi-finals, “we are extremely excited to even be here,? Bican said. ‘It’s very important going into that game knowing we are a good team. Believing in ourselves and not being stressed out. They are relaxed.”
On Oct 31, the Varsity Soccer team won in the semi-finals against Utica Eisenhower 4-1. They will play East Kentwood on Saturday Nov 3 for the Division 1 Championship game. The game will be held at Troy Athens High School and will begin at 2:30.