Letter to the Editor: Bring back $500 littering fine

Dear Editor,

Oakland County in general and especially Springfield Township, Independence Township, Clarkston and Waterford look like trash dumps.
We seriously need to bring back the $500 fine for littering and it would be nice revenue for the county and townships.
I can’t wait to see who will call this unfair.
Those that are too lazy to take their trash home?
The drunks driving while drinking and then throwing their whiskey and beer bottles out the window?
Those so jealous of others that they dump their trash on other people’s property?
Those totally inconsiderate of others that they dump their trash out the window.
Trash companies too lazy to make sure their trash isn’t falling out of their trucks?
We should care about those people?
I’ll be waiting to hear a realistic argument about why we shouldn’t bring back the $500 fine for littering.

With regards,
John Benedict

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