Mary Lou Giles, 94

Mary Lou Giles, of Houghton Lake, formerly of West Bloomfield, passed away October 24, 2021 at the age of 94. Preceded in death by husband William “Bill.” Mother of William (Shelley Toombs) Giles Jr., Suzanne (Michael) McCarrey, and Wayne Giles, grandma of Keri (Eric) Williams, Kristy Giles, Brendan (Deanna Brinker) McCarrey, and Rory (Christina Reinhardt) […]

COVID-19 Update – October 27, 2021

As of October 27, here are the reported number of COVID-19 cases, deaths, and new cases in the past 30 days for the Clarkston ZIP codes: October 27: 48346: 2,833 cases (184 new), 48 deaths 48348: 3,045 cases (236 new), 24 deaths 48350: 887 cases (84 new), 10 deaths As compared to October 20: 48346: […]

Finally, a supervisor

Finally, a supervisor

BY MATT MACKINDER Clarkston News Editor It took longer than anticipated, but Independence Township unanimously appointed Gerald Fisher as its new supervisor at the October 19 regular meeting of the board of trustees. Had no one been appointed by October 24 in the wake of former supervisor Pat Kittle’s resignation last month, a costly special […]

Enshrined at Everest

Enshrined at Everest

This year’s induction ceremony to the Christ the King Chapter of the National Honor Society was held on October 15 as 20 Everest students met the eligibility requirements. The newly-inducted students joined the current members of NHS for a group photo as part of the experience. Photo provided by Mary Williams

Letter to the Editor: A big thumbs up for balanced journalism

Dear Editor, Sending my appreciation to Matt Mackinder for his balanced reporting on the dispute between Mr. Moore and the Historic District Commission (“Resident calling foul on city’s Historic District Commission,” Clarkston News, October 20, 2021). It was informational and allowed the reader to think for oneself. Sincerely, Cheryl McNeil Independence Township

Letter to the Editor: Appreciation for our local newspaper

Dear Editor, For over 30 years, I have looked forward to receiving the Clarkston News each week. And yes, I look forward to reading Don Rush’s opinion section each week. No, I don’t always agree with Don, but I still enjoy reading his thoughts. Seems to me, the News is doing just about everything a community […]

Letter to the Editor: Clarkston city council candidate clarifies qualifications

Dear Editor, Last week, in a letter to the editor, a resident of the City of the Village of Clarkston wrote that I am unqualified to run for office because I am living away from my principal residence during an extensive renovation (“Council candidate not qualified to run,” Clarkston News, October 20, 2021). The purpose of this letter is to clear the […]

What ‘Matt’ers: The fall season

What ‘Matt’ers: The fall season

It is finally here. No, not the countdown to Christmas, though that is certainly on the radar. It’s the end of summer yard work! With the cold weather essentially here, and coming on strong, it’s time to put away the hedge clippers and mulch and curl up in a blanket and enjoy some good old-fashioned […]

Letter to the Editor: Hoping our township does what is right

Dear Editor,  After attending the Independence Township Board of Trustees meeting on October 5, we are very disappointed. The voters elected the trustees to serve the best interests of the township but it’s clear that some members of the board are more interested in their own political futures than in what’s best for the Township. […]

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