Letter to the Editor: Last class reunion

The 70th Clarkston High School class reunion was disappointing, but understandable.
Parker’s Hilltop Brewery was gracious in reserving space for June 17 without a deposit.
Only one former classmate besides yours truly was present. Arzela Kelly (Brewer) came from Chico, Calif., accompanied by her son, Kent.
Many classmates had passed on to their heavenly home while others living a distance away were unable to make the trip, some with health complications. Calls and letters were also received.
There were approximately 60 in the graduating class.
Former residents of Clarkston, Ric and Mary Beth Huttenlocher, made a visit before returning to their home in Florida.
Tom and Sally Bullen had just lost a son and were unable to attend.
Another former classmate, David Vincent, felt fortunate to still be employed two days a week selling Zep to large accounts in Louisiana.
In checking my cleaning supplies, I found a spray bottle of Zep.
We have enjoyed class reunions every five years, but I think this will probably be the last.
Margaret Bloom

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