Letter to the Editor: McGinnis the right advocate

We residents and Clarkston High School graduates encourage Clarkston Community Schools residents to evaluate the accomplishments and efforts of Cheryl McGinnis on behalf of all Clarkston students in her quest for another term as a trustee of the Board of Education.
Many of us have known Cheryl McGinnis for 30 years or more. We know her strong support for students’ academics and their personal safety. Ms. McGinnis has been at the forefront of many positive changes for Clarkston Schools, from co-chairing several building bond campaigns, to parent volunteer group (PTA/PTO) leadership, to school improvement committees, being an ardent professional, and
trained trustee. The recent recognition of the prestigious President’s Award from Michigan Association of School Boards was not given to her because Clarkston also has a board member that is the president of said association. Cheryl achieved this award due to her work of 15 years on the Clarkston Board of
Education through her efforts in education advocacy and earning of educational credits given for efforts such as: officer leadership, writing and engaging with legislators, attending advocacy events, hundreds of hours in classes, and over 30 years of advocacy on behalf of our district. We say this award was duly EARNED.
We believe you’ll agree, Cheryl McGinnis has EARNED the opportunity for your VOTE on Tuesday, November 8, 2022.
Natalee and Patrick McGinnis, Clarkston
Christina Morris, Davisburg
Rachel Doyle, Clarkston
Matt Romback, Clarkston
Anne and Nick Baldwin, Clarkston
Thomas and Megan Ellsworth, Clarkston
Nicole and Jason Babcock, Clarkston

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