Letter to the Editor: Supporting Patterson

I attended the event July 26 in Clarkston, where Mary Margaret Patterson announced her candidacy for Oakland County executive. It was thought-provoking and very well-attended. I’m convinced people in our county are looking for change.
I have many concerns about the leadership of our county, including unwanted transit tax increases, gifts to foreign globalist organizations and giving tax money to Detroit cultural institutions.
Patterson’s background and experiences demonstrate her commitment to revitalizing Oakland County. She seems to easily relate to the challenges in our community because of her work in education, raising kids and running a family business.
Patterson addressed key areas of concern. For example, she prioritized putting families first and making Oakland County a great place to live, work, and play. She knows that a family-friendly environment is an important.
Public safety is a significant issue. Patterson plans to build a partnership with the Oakland County Sheriff’s Office to ensure safety and security in every corner of the county. She also emphasizes local control, recognizing every community faces unique challenges that require custom solutions. She supports empowering municipalities and voters to make their decisions that align with their priorities.
Patterson’s campaign announcement meeting left attendees feeling inspired and hopeful for the future of Oakland County. With her as the leader, we may be able to bring back a brighter future for Oakland County.
Jay R. Taylor

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