Lewandowski leads Little Caesars to win

A flurry of red and white jerseys converged on the opposing goal as the boys of Little Caesars ?98 piled on top of teammate Mitch Lewandowski.
Lewandowski had already scored two points during the semifinals against Toronto Pro Hockey, and just scored the winning goal.
‘It was pretty exciting because they were down, 5-3, with three minutes to go. He made the tying goal with a minute left. Then, to get the winning goal in the semi finals, it was exciting,? said his father, Bob Lewandowski.
‘In 20 years of coaching, it was one of the most exciting moments I have been part of,? said Frank Scarpaci, Little Caesars ?98 head coach.
Mitch’s second goal tied the game, 5-5, and put the teams in overtime, at the 19th Annual Brick Invitational Super Novice Hockey Tournament.
He continued the drive into the extra period and finished with a hat trick for the game.
The goal came after teammate Collin Adams passed the puck to Lewandowski. A Toronto defender moved in and Lewandowski sent the puck into the back of the net.
‘I kept putting him out there because he was getting the puck. He singlehandedly won the game,? Scarpaci said.
Three-thousand people watched Mitch make the final goal in West Edmonton Mall in Alberta, Canada.
‘It was pretty loud when you scored that last goal,? said Bob.
Mitch said he felt good about playing for a large audience.
‘I heard the crowd when we scored,? he said.
In the championship game against Edmonton, Mitch and his teammates lost, 2-1. Mitch scored the only goal.
The ?98 team was the second Little Caesars team in 19 years to make it for the finals.
‘Mitch is one of our key players,? said Scarpaci. ‘I am extremely proud of him, always have been. He’s a good kid. He and a handful of others drive the game.?
Mitch began playing hockey when he was 4. His dad and his cousins played hockey.
Scarpaci has coached Mitch since he began playing for Little Caesars four years ago.
‘He has s lot of natural talent, that’s what our Little Caesars program is about,? said Scarpaci. ‘The program is designed to challenge their skills and talents and get the kids to perform at a high level. Mitch is one of the better players in the program.?
Mitch enjoys being part of the Little Caesars team.
‘It’s really cool because sometimes you get to go down to the Joe (Louis Arena) and play,? he said.
The team represented the Detroit Red Wings at the Brick tournament and Mitch met Darren McCarty.
Mitch has learned a lot from his coaching staff, including his assistant coach Andy Rymsha, who had played in NHL.
‘He’s a great coach,? said his mother, Jill Stout.
He taught Mitch the basics in hockey, skating and how to work hard, show good sportsmanship, and to always give 100 percent.
Mitch plays two seasons of hockey a year. His fall season begins in September and runs to April. His spring season ended with the Brick tournament the first week of July.
Mitch wears number 17 because his favorite player is Brett Hull. Also, his birthday falls on the 17th and he was born at 1:17.
Mitch plans to play in the Brick tournament next year, too.
‘Keep working hard and try to make it all the way,? he said about long-term future goals.
He has enjoyed his summer by going to riends? houses, amusement parks, and the beach.
He will finish the summer with a power skating class in Ann Arbor with Laura Stamm. Stamm has taught NHL players how to become faster on skates
Mitch took the class before and has noticed a difference out on the rink.
He doesn’t limit his athletic skills to hockey. He also likes to play baseball and tried out for the Clarkston Riverdawgs last Saturday.
Mitch is excited to be a ‘big kid? at Pine Knob Elementary and begin fifth grade in September.