Mercy wins pave way in OAA Red victories

By Wendi Reardon Price
Clarkston News Sports Writer
Bloomfield Hills — Clarkston Varsity Hockey had a packed schedule last week with three consecutive nights of games.
The end result was two mercy wins and a lost in overtime.
The Wolves opened the week with a 9-1 win over Bloomfield Hills on Thursday at Detroit Skating Club.
“We definitely started out slow right away,” said Devon Collis, who finished the night with three goals and one assist. “We picked it up in the third period when it mattered the most. We just had to wake up a little bit. Thanks to the boys for going out another 51-minute game. I am really liking this year. It’s the best year I have been on this team. It’s really fun this year.”

Blake Botterill moves the puck around the net in the second period last Thursday. Photo: Wendi Price

The Wolves took a 2-0 lead in the first period. Theo Walker opened the night with his first goal with assists from Evan Adams and Ron Wade with 13:30 remaining in the period.
The next goal came with 22 seconds left in the period from Brendan Rhodes with an assist from Ryan Wilford.
Bloomfield Hills closed the gap by one goal with four minutes left in the second period.
Clarkston responded with two goals in the last two minutes – one from Collis for a shorthanded goal with 42 seconds left in the period, putting Clarkston up, 4-1.
Collis shared Nathan Bryer, head coach, got them riled up between the periods but it was the break between the second and third period which really helped the players.
“We didn’t want to lose,” Collis said. “We went out and found a way to put the puck in the net.”
They did it five times to put the score 9-1 – ending the night with 8:01 left in game.
It wasn’t the first game the Wolves had closed out early in the third period with a mercy win.
“I think it is our stamina and how we can play with four lines,” Collis said about the success in the final periods. “No team can keep up with us. They might be able to keep up with us for the first and second. But when we come out that third period, they just can’t keep up. They are tired and we just keep going.”
Collis had three goals and one assist for the night. Walker had two goals and two assists.
Rhodes and Eric Wade each had one goal and one assist. Owen Croston, Trey Damian and Quinn Farrell each scored one goal.
Blake Botterill had four assists. R. Wade had three assists and Frank Stanek had two assists.
Parker Pace had nine saves in the net.
Collis shared they knew it was a big game for them in the OAA Red.
“We need to win this game to win the league,” he said. “Our coach says we can win three things – the league, the regionals and state. It starts with the league. We need to win every game here on out to win the league.”
Clarkston followed it up with another 9-1 win over Stoney Creek at Suburban Ice Rochester on Friday.
R. Wade led the boys with the team with two goals and three assists. Collis and Botterill both had two goals and two assists. Walker had one goal and two assists. Croston had one goal and one assist and Damian had one goal.
Adams had three assists for the night. Ryan Lemker had two assists. E. Wade and Tyler Wilford each had one assist.
Calum Hartner had 14 saves in the net.
Clarkston was back home on Saturday and lost in overtime to Birmingham Unified, 3-2.
R. Wade had one goal and one assist. Adams had one goal. Walker had two assists and Collis had one assist.
The Wolves (17-2-2, 7-1-1 OAA Red) wrap their league games this week.
Clarkston plays the Cougars again this week when they host them at Detroit Skating Club on Thursday, 6 p.m.
Collis shared Stoney Creek have good offense players.
“We need to clean up our d-zone a little bit so we can go back and play the offense we like to play,” he said.
Clarkston hosts Senior Night on Saturday when they host Lake Orion, 8 p.m.
“They have been looking like a tough team,” Collis said. “Every year they always come out tough because it’s against us – it’s rivalry game. They always make the game interesting to watch. It will be fun to play.”

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