Mountaineers sing story of Godspell

Mountaineers sing story of Godspell

Andrew Stafford as John the Baptist sings a call to the crowd. Photos by Jessica Steeley


Clarkston News Staff Writer
Godspell 2012 creates a new-age twist on the story of Jesus Christ, helping modern audiences understand the message better.
Everest Collegiate High School and Academy students have been rehearsing the musical since December and are excited to perform about their faith.
“The musical is about a community of kind of ragamuffin children who come together under this leader who teaches them God’s love and gives them the strength and knowledge to go out in the world and spread His message about community and building a kingdom and love, essentially,” Everest Drama Director Lia DiFonzo said.
Senior Sarah Stafford said the musical is a cool melding of her faith and her passion for singing.
“This is my first musical,” Stafford said. “I’ve always wanted to be in one, but I’ve never had the time to do it. This year I did.”
While the musical is a first for Stafford, other students have been acting for several years including senior Paul Bradley who plays the lead role of Jesus Christ.
“I’ve been doing musicals since I was in sixth grade,” Bradley said. “Every time it’s something new, a new experience and I absolutely love it. I really like being vulnerable and just giving entertainment, helping out the community.”
Bradley said he auditioned to help teach others the story of Christ and he thinks a modern-day setting helps make it more personal and real.
“It should be interesting just for people to kind of experience it in their own terms,” he added.
Another student who has been acting just as long as Bradley is freshman Colleen Walker, who acts in many different roles throughout the show, same as Stafford.

Paul Bradley portrays Jesus at the crucifixion.

“The nice thing about this play is almost anyone can do any of the parts,” Bradley said. “It doesn’t matter really who’s assigned the line in the book, it’s just being thrown out to everyone, everyone gets to participate which is awesome.”
Walker started acting in school productions when she was 8, but even before that her siblings and herself would put on shows for her family.
“I love being in musicals and I really also love my faith so it’s a great opportunity to be able to share it with people in a fun way and to kind of make it real,” Walker said. “It makes it real when you can see it visually and hear the messages the Gospel has to offer in a more free kind of way.”
DiFonzo said students are currently rehearsing up to five days a week, every day except for Wednesday and Sunday.
“The kids have given up time to come in and really work hard on the weekends,” DiFonzo said. “[It’s] a really good, eclectic show for the various personalities we have here. It’s a very challenging show, but I think one our school can understand with the virtues we promote.”
Godspell-2012 is performed at Everest on March 24 and 25 at 7 p.m., and March 26 at 2 p.m.

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