Now that spring sprang . . .

Ah, spring time.
The birds of a feather are flocking together, happily singing and swooning and looking for suitable mates. The daffodils and tulips have popped their heads out of the earth. Their colors vibrant and cheerful.
I’ve been buzzed by bumblebees and surrounded by a cloud of pesky gnats. But, know what? It don’t matter. It’s spring and all is right with the world. Hummmmm? Three dollars a gallon of gas, well, okay that sucks. It also sucks because not only do we pay 19.875 cents in Michigan gas tax for every gallon of regular gas we purchase, we also pay an additional 6 percent sales tax. In other words, the more the cost rises, the more tax revenue the state collects. So, not only are we being gouged by the ‘big? old companies, we are being gouged by our ‘big? sister in Lansing. If the Gov and her underlings want to help us out, she ought to at least suspend some of the sales tax.
But, enough of being Debby Downer. It’s spring and I am happy. La, la, la . . . where was I? Let’s see, the birds were singing and making little birds, the tulips are pretty, the bees buzzed and the gnats were gnatting . . .blah, blah, blah — oh yeah . . . This spring I tried to be a wee bit more observant of the world around me and . . .
. . . Jen and I saw a lumbering groundhog in our backyard. He (?) was climbing one of our old lilac trees and then into a pine tree. I didn’t know groundhogs climbed trees. Does anybody know why? He wasn’t eating our lilac buds was he?
* * *
For the first time EVER in the history of our back yard we have moles. Those blind smackin? frackin #@$%! moles. I am no molologists, but I assume we just went through the perfect mole winter. I base this on the fact when the snow melted our lawn was criss- crossed with raised tunnels and mounds.
I was shock and appalled by the damage the moles in my life have created. When the clayish soil of my yard was still mushy, I smashed and stamped and stomped on the entire mole underground network. All for naught. They have returned. Does anybody know any top secret, olde world, sure fire ways to get rid of these varmits?
* * *
Speaking of varmits . . . how long will a dead skunk lay in the middle of the road?
Well, if you’re the skunk at Tucker’s Corners on Oakwood Road (where Oakwood turns south at State Park Road in Brandon Township) the answer is at least five weeks. Like I said, I’m trying to be more observant and I have watched this skunk with amazement. He’s been flat in the middle of the road for five weeks and doesn’t appear he’s going anywhere soon. That’s one tough skunk hide. Maybe there’s a market for tough skunk hide I should investigate?
* * *
One of the great things about spring is the all-to-brief time we have with blooming lilacs. We have a whole line of the fragrant plants at the back yard. When they are in full bloom, if you open the house windows all that sweet lilac smell wafts in . . . I can’t wait for the bloom because that means I can finally switch out last years lilacs from the vase on my desk with this years.
(Yeah, you read that correctly. I have a vase with withered and dry lilacs that has sat on my desk since last spring. I like to keep it there throughout the year just to remind me spring is on always on its way.)
* * *
Oh yeah . . . spring is also time for garage sales. Holy save a buck, Batman! I’ve already stopped at a few. So, if you see me you have two choices.
1. Get out of the way.
2. Stop me and say, hello.
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