Public Notice: City Council Regular Meeting Final Minutes, March 11, 2024

City of the Village of Clarkston
Artemus M. Pappas Village Hall
375 Depot Road
Clarkston, Michigan 48346
3.11.2024 City Council Regular Meeting Final Minutes

Call To Order

Call To Order The regular session meeting of the City of the Village of Clarkston City Council was called to order by Mayor Wylie at 7:00 P.M.

Pledge Of Allegiance

Mayor Wylie led the Pledge of Allegiance.

Roll Call

Council Members Present: Sue Wylie, Mayor, Laura Rodgers, Mayor Pro Tem, Amanda Forte, Ted Quisenberry, and Peg Roth. 

Council Members Absent: Gary Casey & Mark Lamphier

Others Present: Jonathan Smith, City Manager, Karen A. DeLorge, City Clerk, Tom Ryan, City Attorney, 

Others Absent: Oakland County Sheriff Sergeant John Ashley. 

Approval Of Agenda – Motion

Motioned by Rodgers, supported by Roth, to approve the agenda as presented – All Ayes. 


Public Comments

Chet Pardee – Letter read by Mayor Wylie


Clarkston Community Awards – Info on VILLAGEOFCLARKSTON.ORG website

City Manager Report 3.11.2024

Presented by Jonathan Smith, City Manager 

The City Manager Report provided the following updates:

  • City Fees for Police and Fire Services
  • Depot Park EV Charging Stations
  • Michigan Municipal League’s Capital Convention
  • Updated Council Meeting Procedures Brochure

Motion: Acceptance Of Consent Agenda as Presented 3.11.2024

Motioned by Forte, supported by Quisenberry to approve the Consent Agenda. VOTE: All Aye. 


Old Business:

Motion: Appointment to Finance (Budget) Committee to replace Mark Lamphier. Motioned by Forte and Seconded by Wylie to appoint Councilmember Peg Roth to replace Mark Lamphier, effective immediately. VOTE: All Ayes.


New Business:

a. Public Hearing: to gauge public interest in Depot Park additions or changes.

  • Call To Order 
  • Public Hearing called to order @ 7:12pm by Mayor Wylie
  • Discussion regarding possible changes to Depot Park  
  • Public Comments for Public Hearing
  • Adjourn: Public Hearing Public Hearing    

Adjourned by Mayor Wylie @ 7:46pm

b. Resolution: Funding for a Hawk Tool Pony Cycle in Depot Park 



Motion by Rodgers, supported by Forte to adjourn the regular City Council Meeting at 8:35 p.m. – All Ayes, 

Motion Carried: 5-0.

Respectfully Submitted by Karen DeLorge, City Clerk.

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