Regional finish

Clarkston News Sports Writer
The Wolves finished the season against Lake Orion in the MHSAA Boys Lacrosse Regional Semifinals with a 12-6 loss, May 22.
“We played well,” said Brian Kaminskas, head coach. “Comparing the two games, from earlier in the season and tonight, I think it was night and day. The way they played it was a nice end of the season. It was a strong performance overall. The ball bounced a few different ways, and we gave up some easy ones. If you take that away – it’s a two point ball game.”
Orion scored their first goal in the first 82 seconds. The Wolves tied the game with a goal from Keelan McKouen off an assist by Keagan King as the clock marked 9:04.
The Dragons added three more goals to close the first quarter, 4-1.
Clarkston scored the first goal of the next stanza with another goal by McKouen from Dakota Locher.
They scored again as Locher cut in front of Lake Orion’s pass in Dragon territory. He grabbed possession of the ball and passed the ball to Sam Lightfoot who made a goal with 4:34 remaining in the first half.
The Wolves finished the half with King’s swing going deep into the net with 11 seconds remaining for the boys’ fourth goal of the night as the Dragons led with seven points.
Clarkston’s remaining two goals came from King with an assist from McKouen with two minutes left in the third quarter.
McKouen scored three minutes into the final quarter off a pass from Eric Csizmadia putting the score at 9-6. Before the Wolves could close in on the 3-point deficit, Lake Orion scored two goals within the next minute.
“Dakota played an exceptional game, and I thought Miguel Need played a good game,” said Kaminskas.
He added the season was a success.
“From where we started in March to where we ended up here in May, it was a complete success,” Kaminskas said.
He added highlights from the season included four freshman, Jack Gurn, Harry Skinner, Sam Lightfootb and Miguel Need, saw significant time on the field.
“We really got to invest in them and a handful of sophomores,” he said. “They are really playing for the future. It was great to see such young talent develop and be even stronger for next year.”
The Wolves graduated four seniors on Monday – Noah Bridger, Joel LaBruzzy, Dakota Locher and Jaydon Septer.
“What they leave behind is teaching and showing about the strength and the importance of staying with the process and working through,” said Kaminskas. “Either you are winning or losing it doesn’t matter – it’s about the process and learning about that and succeeding.”

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