School snow days forgiven

Clarkston News Staff Writer

Summer’s back on schedule for school families, with the state forgiving four more snow days.
Gov. Gretchen Whitmer signed House Bill 4206, May 10, to forgive four snow days called while the state was under a state of emergency due to extreme cold temperatures this past winter.
Therefore, half days scheduled during the second week of June are off the table. The district’s original calendar has been restored, with the school year ending with half days, June 6-7.
“Our state continues to experience more erratic and extreme weather patterns every year, which affects our schools, economy and way of life,” Whitmer said. “This legislation will provide certainty to families and school districts who need to prepare for the end of the school year, but we need to get serious about tackling this problem in the future and ensuring that students receive a quality education.”
Under current law, public schools may cancel up to six school days per year due to emergencies, such as snowfall or frigid temperatures, and may ask the Michigan Department of Education to forgive an additional three days. Many school districts across the state faced double-digit snow days after record-low temperatures and wind chills led Governor Whitmer to declare a state of emergency to address threats to public health and safety.
House Bill 4206, sponsored by Representative Ben Frederick (HD-85), will take immediate effect.

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