Second grader leaves community spellbound

Second grader leaves community spellbound

By Megan Bonds
Special to the Clarkston News

INDEPENDENCE TWP. — The Halloween fever has settled, and amid the post-festive buzz, there’s much to talk about, especially when it comes to seven-year-old Mason Bonds from North Sashabaw Elementary School.
Known for his innovative Halloween porch displays with his father, Derek Bonds, Mason decided to elevate their tradition this year. Together, they transformed their family garage into “Mason’s Manor,” a thrilling, kid-friendly haunted house that captivated the neighborhood.
Mason’s decision to forgo the classic trick or treating in favor of playing the spine-chilling “pig butcher” in “Mason’s Manor” was a hit among those who dared to step inside. His dedication to creating an unforgettable Halloween experience for the community was palpable, as the father-son duo poured their hearts into making the haunted house an unforgettable adventure.
The joint project not only strengthened the bond between Mason and his father but also sparked discussions about how they could make “Mason’s Manor” even more spectacular next year.
Their collaborative efforts and shared enthusiasm left a lasting impact on the neighborhood, leaving them eagerly anticipating future Halloween creations.
Mason’s commitment to infusing creativity into the community, even after the Halloween festivities, remains a source of inspiration for his peers. His bold step to create a unique and immersive experience for everyone speaks volumes about his imaginative spirit.
As the spooky season fades into memory, “Mason’s Manor” stands as a testament to the inventive spark and dedication of this exceptional second-grader, leaving a hauntingly delightful mark on the community long after Halloween night.

PHOTO: Mason Bonds and his father Derek Bonds show off a portion of their Halloween project they created together this year. Photo: Megan Bonds

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