Smith’s Disposal and Recycling company goes green

Smith’s Disposal and Recycling has gone through a few changes in the last year, but one aspect has never changed ? their commitment to their customers.
In July, Smith’s Disposal and Recycling implemented their new recycling program, in which they can recycle paper, plastic, tin and glass.
‘Very happy customers,? said owner Carol Evans about reactions from customers. ‘I talked to some at Tons of Trucks. They were thrilled to death. We were passing out information about the recycling program, and they were very excited.?
The new program has made it easier for their customers to recycle. Instead of taking different household items to recycling centers, now they just leave them in a recycling bin and Smith’s Disposal takes care of the rest.
For a while, they were limited to taking plastic items labeled one and two.
‘It started with a huge customer demand and some complaints,? said General Manager Archie Munson. ‘That’s how this all started, we can take more plastic and a great deal more for recycling just because a customer called, getting involved and being concerned.?
Their new partnership with Great Lakes Recycling has expanded their capabilities and they can take everyday household items.
There is no additional cost for the recycling service; it is part of the trash pick-up price.
The only fee is to purchase the 14 gallon recycling bins from Smith’s Disposal and Recycling for $7 each.
The recyclable items are picked up at curbside every week by their recycling truck on the day of the regular trash pick-up.
Evans steered the company in the new direction since she took over ownership recently.
Evans and her brother, Ken Smith, shared ownership of the family business until Smith decided to retire.
She bought his share after choosing to keep the company going and keep her 37 employees in a job.
‘She even invested $200,000 in a new recycling truck this month,? said Munson. ‘It’s a new truck, new program, it’s a brand new style of doing things. She is devoted to recycling and doing everything she can to helping our customers do their part.?
Smith’s Disposal and Recycling sponsors many events in the community. Just a few are ? Tons of Trucks, 4th of July parade, youth baseball teams in Clarkston and Waterford, and the Clarkston High School graduate all-night party.
For more information about Smith’s Disposal and Recycling new program, call 248-625-5470. Their office hours are 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. They are located at 5790 Terex Avenue, off Andersonville Road in Springfield Township.