Strong play at semifinals

Clarkston Boys Varsity Soccer advanced to the finals with a 4-1 win over Utica Eisenhower Oct 31.
‘The boys came out, they played,? said Wolves Coach Adam Bican. ‘I had sophomore hit by a car and he was played, Andrew Campbell, it’s fantastic to be able to watch him the field after everything he has gone through this year. Oliver Kupe is a wonderful player and an extremely special leader. Scott Messer is a rock as always.?
During the first half of the game, Clarkston defense and goalie Scott Messer kept Eisenhower from making any goals on their attempts.
With 1:32 left in the first half, Kevon Khani made the first goal for Clarkston.
Less than a minute into the second half, Oliver Kupe shot the ball into the left corner of the net with the assistance of Brandon Verlinden.
At 25:49, Kupe kicked the ball and the ball went into left corner of the net again bringing the score to 0-3.
The team rushed to the fence surrounding the field to celebrate with their screaming fans in the bleachers.
In the next two minutes, Kupe made another goal, this time to the right side of the net.
Eisenhower got one goal in with 13 minutes left in the game. A free kick by Alex Smoots slipped past Messer and into the net.
‘Oliver Kupe, he’s a great player,? said Eisenhower Coach Josh VanHouten. ‘Guy scores three goals on you, it’s tough to come back. Man marking him at all times. Second half try to move up offense and he took advantage of it. We have experience now and that was something we were lacking and hopefully now we can take it to the next level.?
Last year the Wolves made it to district finals but lost against Rochester Adams in a shoot out.
‘Definitely a different team this year,? said Coach Bican. ‘This team plays a different way. Also, made a commitment to each other to work hard.?