Survey says public wants trails

Clarkston News Staff Writer

Park users want more trails and paths, according to Independence Township’s recent Parks, Recreation and Seniors (PRS) Department survey.
Nearly 90 percent of the 150 responses to the survey said they favored expanding trail and path facilities.
Also of interest are pickleball courts, indoor/outdoor pool, indoor gym, natural areas, amphitheater/indoor theater, nature centers, mountain biking trails and dog park.
Main concerns with Bay Court Park are with the play structure and parking lot condition. For Clintonwood, improved/additional soccer fields and pickleball courts, paved parking lots and more trees.
Deer Lake needs more parking and bathrooms with running water. Parking lot and restroom upgrades for Sashabaw Plains Park.
Stickney McCord Park needs more volunteers and more visibility. Safety Paths have gaps and they don’t lead to
recreational facilities. Lastly, concerns that the Senior Community Center is too small.
Regarding millage rates, 88 percent of respondents said they’d support paying a millage to develop, improve and maintain park facilities. The most popular was up to 0.25 mils, with 44 percent of respondent’s support.
Seventy percent of respondents said there were too few or far too few other recreation facilities, such as trails, nature preserves and community centers.
Overall, respondents were satisfied with the township’s parks and recreation facilities, except for the Safety Paths category, which had a 25 percent dissatisfaction rating.
For programs, over 70 percent of respondents have participated in township PRS programs. Respondents said all programming is “important” or “very important.” The order for programs is concerts and shows, adult fitness, pickleball, adult programs, youth fitness, family programs, special events, senior programs, cooking, and after school programs at number 10.