Wendi’s Word: Fall around the corner

Besides all the players and coaches in masks, Monday evening felt almost pre-COVID-19 normal as Clarkston Varsity Football were in stations around the field for their pre-season workout and conditioning.
Anytime I have visited workouts since they started at the end of June, it’s been good to see students outside with their teammates. First practices begin in a few weeks and anything can change but for right now just take in the moment. The Michigan High School Athletic Representative Council meets this Wednesday, July 29, to talk about the fall season.
We at The Clarkston News are still working out remotely. It has gotten a little easier, but I can say it as I write this out. Monday, I grabbed my laptop bag to take the 14-step trip down to the office to work.
Oliver, my 19-month-old son, rolled his Little People Batmobile to a stop in front of the basement door, climbed off, hugged my legs, then got back on the Batmobile and rolled away. No fuss or tears this time. I don’t know if I am excited or a little hurt.
As for Jonathan, my 4-year-old son, he has perfected the Wednesday morning sneak. I usually take my laptop bag down to the office on Mondays and Wednesdays. He hears the basement door, zips through the house and runs down the steps knowing the laptop bag and holding coffee slows me from slowing him.
He is good about not staying in the basement for too long. Just long enough to play with the Fisher Price Little People toys I played with when I was a child. I also have a little nook for the boys with crayons, stickers, paper and coloring books for them.
It’s a big year for Jonathan. He hit a big milestone – potty training. It’s very exciting over here in the Price home. Next step is hopefully to start preschool this fall. Like many facing the what do to for fall decision.
Some of you may have an easy choice in deciding either your child will be in the classroom or do virtual learning. Or maybe you are on the fence. I have quite a few friends who are listing the pros and cons to both options. Just know whatever decision you make is the right decision for your child and your family. Stay safe, stay healthy everyone.


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