Wendi’s Word: Home office tales

I like to think of my personal office as a little haven even when it is being used for work.
It might be the only place in the house there aren’t any toys laying about. Might… I could have missed some during the weekend.
I have let the boys more into my little haven in the last five days. It started like this – I finished one day and JD was standing at the basement door when I opened it. His keen ears must have heard me shutting down my laptop in the basement.
He had the look in his eyes and then he asked if he could go in the basement. His brother was napping so I said, “Sure.”
JD enjoys going into my office and goes right to his little nook where there is…quite a few things for him to do. Right now he likes to sort colored decorative stones into Project Life boxes I have to the side. (Really the boxes are put to the side to get rid of them. I don’t use them.)

JD sorts pebbles in mom’s home office. Photo by Wendi Reardon Price

He also likes to play with the washi tape. I put some to side that I know I won’t use for scrapbooks, planners or any other project, and I let him play with it. If you see washi tape on clearance, let me know. JD is running low on his supply.
Lately he has been creating an obstacle course with the washi tape and attaching it to every surface in the office. Though, he now has some rules – he can’t put any washi tape on the floor lamp. Also, like anything else he plays with, he has to clean up after he is done.
The following few days I let both boys into the office…which was a little chaotic. It’s good to do – it gives them something different to do. For me, it was an opportunity to go through 13 drawers of scrapbook paper. It might sound like a lot but the drawers are only a couple inches deep, divided by color.
It’s part of the purge of 2021. Lots of time at home just looking at stuff during 2020. Looking at boxes. Looking at the boxes of baby stuff and baby clothes. Looking at the stuff we didn’t put up for Christmas decorations for the fourth consecutive year.
So I guess for goals of 2021 are the usually suspects with cleaning on the top of the list as the big goal. But it’s broken down into little goals which helps – plus I do like making those lists.

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