Wendi’s Word: It’s spring…right?

I am optimistic spring is right around the corner. Despite the cold temperatures and dare I say…snow. It feels it’s getting close.
I feel it in the need to open the windows to let the fresh air. I feel it in the need to spring clean, a good detailed spring clean. Though really with having kids, I feel a good clean or purge whenever they get a new toy. Or even a stuffed animal.

Oliver with the newest stuffed animal won at an Easter Egg Hunt on April 9.

Though, the stuffed animals are leaning to be my fault. I will take the blame. The March scrapbooking crop had four stuffed animals for raffle prizes.
I put tickets in for all four (and some other items). I won two stuffed animals which worked out with two kids. It’s the fifth stuffed animal win. Mama is on a streak.
I usually plan the scrapbook crops I go to in advance, at least a month. It’s easier to work out details like what do I need supplies and what I will work on. Also if a sitter is needed for the kids (because Mike needs a break after working all week, too).
I went to one at the end of March and then joked there was another the first Saturday of April. Okay, it was half a joke and half serious. But, Mike said sign up. So I asked if there was space and there was.
My mojo was a little off going in because I didn’t have the week countdown and I didn’t get anything for it. I had everything ready to go from the previous two scrapbook crops.
I arrived after 9 a.m., set up everything on the table, put an earbud in my left ear, turned on my MP3 player and got to work. I already had layout ideas for two pages I didn’t get to at the March crop.
I finished 20 layouts. I finished the Disney portion of our California 2018 trip. It felt, and still feels, so great. It was unbelievable. I was just on a roll.
Now to finish the California 2018 album. It won’t be too bad. Shoot, I don’t have to carry around all the bins of Disney paper, embellishments and photos. I probably have ten layouts left. Roughly.
Then, eventually it will be time to tackle.. Oliver’s first year album. I have been slowly printing those photos out. There are Jonathan’s albums as well… and the whole list of other things to finish. (Peeks over to the shelves in the corner and the pile to be organized in the bottom cube.) Well, one day at a time. One layout at a time.

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