Wendi’s Word: Loving springtime

Congratulations to Clarkston’s Team RUSH 27 Robotics for a great year!
They just got back from the 2022 FIRST World Championship in Houston, finishing in the semifinals of the Newton Division. Plus, they left after just finishing as champion in the Michigan competition.
They have worked hard. Plus, it was just an amazing year considering they hadn’t had a competition since right before the shutdown in March 2020.
As for here, gearing up for the cold again this week. I guess I can put the sunscreen back in the cabinet.
It was a nice few days of sun during the weekend, wasn’t it?
Saturday was a soccer day for us, though not much soccer was played. Three-year-Oliver decided on his first day of Kiddie Kickers he wanted to roam like he did when big brother was in the same program for the last few years. He didn’t want to chase the ball or race with the other kids. He wanted to roam. I tried. I even tried running…er…light jogging… with him as mama is not a runner.
A few hours later, it was back to the fields for Jonathan’s first game with his park and rec team. He was pumped. He was ready. He was…overwhelmed once he got to the field the games are played. He said he didn’t want to play. He admitted was scared – there was a lot of people.
The next game is on Wednesday evening. Yes, this one which WeatherBug says high of 38 degrees and it gets colder by the time the game starts. Oh, yes, back to winter gear.
After Wednesday looks good, a nice steady incline of getting a bit warmer each day instead of the random lottery ball numbers this month. I know…I know, Michigan is always crazy with the temperatures and weather. Without it we wouldn’t have the Michigan weather jokes. But, this year just seems crazier. So while you are congratulating Team RUSH on a stellar season, let’s congratulate all the spring athletes and fans for rolling with all the weather changes…like snow.
April showers bring May flowers… and a deep appreciation for sunny skies to come.
May you have sunscreen and sunglasses ready to go.
As for me, I need to check the car to make sure it’s ready with sunscreen as well as gloves, hand warmers and toe warmers.

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