Wendi’s Word: Making those lists, checking them twice

I love this time of year.
I know there is a lot of hustle and bustle, making and conquering lists and activities filling up calendars.
But, it’s the lights. I love the lights. This year it seems like there are so many more homes and businesses in the holiday spirit and decorated with lights.
I will start with my own neighborhood. Most of our neighbors have decorated outside their homes this year. Even driving around other areas, there seems to be more lights. Maybe it’s just me because it’s been so dark after 5 p.m. and now there is a spring of lights.
We haven’t driven through any towns fully lit up or visited any light shows yet this year. It just hasn’t happened, but I am optimistic as there is a lighted show close by which would be easy for a quick ride with the boys. A quick ride would probably work out the best as five-year-old Oliver is battling a cold – stuffy nose, tired, fever. Once he is well we will be taking it slow. I know taking it slow during the holiday season – how does one do it.
I know time will go by quickly as Christmas is just a little over a week away as I sit down and write. My mind is everywhere – what needs to be done by Tuesday, by the end of the week. Eep – by Christmas Eve.
At least Jonathan has his holiday shopping done. Yes, the eight-year-old is done before everybody else. His school held Santa’s Workshop last week. He had a list for 12 people and as far as I know he conquered the list.
Hmmm…maybe I need to get into the mind of a second grader of what everyone wants or needs for a present. It sure would take some of the stress off.
Maybe I just had it too easy before the boys arrived. I would get something Christmasy for my mom, mix in a movie or two. For my dad, it was mostly the same thing every year – new flannel shirt, pocket planner, a scenic or weather calendar and a DVD or two.
The teachers and staff at the boys’ elementary hasn’t been hard. Our PTO has the teachers, staff and even bus drivers fill out forms with what they like. It has helped out the last few years. As for our school’s therapy dog, Lucy, well the boys each found something squeaky for her. We didn’t go off the online list and found some things at the Bass Pro Shop.
It hasn’t stopped the to do lists to be written out – pretty much everywhere. It starts with a to do list for the week in the planner and usually is rewritten in notebooks here and there. I really don’t want to forget things like a box of hot cocoa mix for Jonathan’s class for Friday as they kick off holiday break with a treat.
Then, it’s getting presents ready for teachers. The shopping is done, it’s just wrapping, adding a holiday card and putting them into backpacks.
After that, it’s on to wrap everything, preferably before Christmas Eve. Honestly, the home office is an array of wrapping paper, tape and bags. I have been working from the dining room table to ignore the guilt of not wrapping presents. Of course the easiest would be to wrap when the boys go to bed but I am still under the newborn advice – sleep when they sleep. Especially with Oliver not feeling well.
Then, maybe onto treats. Mike mentioned baking cookies. Ah, yes time to get out the holiday cookie cutters, icing and sprinkles. Least the boys are ready with new aprons, oven mitts and baking tools. Not only did I win one child baking set during the raffle at a scrapbook crop in early November, but two sets. The raffle gods were smiling down because it could have been one and they would have been fighting over one set.
Here’s a toast to the boys not fighting over any presents they receive this Christmas. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to you and your family and friends!

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