Wendi’s Word: March into spring

I am excited for this month – there’s a lot going on. Spring is right around the corner, the sun sets just a little bit later each day, there’s usually one or two scrapbook crops going on, and it’s March is Reading Month.
Jonathan has his reading gear. His elementary school and a few others in our district had T-shirts for sale. A big yellow “O” in the front and on the back “Every Hero Has a Story.”
I bought one for him…and for me.
He also has a reading log to fill out every day for at least 20 minutes. Not a problem for bedtime reading. Actually he is probably getting more reading in than me and I have a book due to the library in a week.
Before March began, Jonathan and I ventured to the movie theater. It was his first visit. Ever. It was my first visit in over two years. The last movie I saw in the theater was Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker.
I had big plans to take Jonathan in 2020 – lots of movies were coming out but well… the world was put on pause. Recently, he has been pointing to the movie theater in our town when we pass it.
So there we were almost two years later buying popcorn and filling up our beverages. We sat down in our seats. I adjusted his recliner and he relaxed with his legs stretched out in front of him.
Then, the previews which he kept his headphones on. The sound was loud. And finally “Sing 2” began. He took off his headphones and was just… in awe. Staring at the screen with his mouth open, barely eating his popcorn. Though he did end up eating it throughout the day (so no lunch out for JD and Mama Day).
It was fun. I love going to the movie theater. I used to go sometimes after our production days just to end the week with a movie.
It goes further back. It was one of those things I did with my dad when my parents divorced. We would go to a movie, usually on a Sunday, and maybe lunch or dinner afterwards.
Shoot looking back, working in a movie theater was pretty fun looking past the sticky spills and coming home sick of looking at popcorn.
Jonathan seems pretty excited for some movies coming out soon. He enjoyed the experience. I did, too.

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