Wendi’s Word: Positive spring beginnings

Spring has officially arrived and with it bringing with it new beginnings.
I went back to Forum Health (formerly Nuview Nutrition.) It’s really hard to believe it’s been only a year. But then, when one falls back into bad habits like eating sugar and carbs like always, it just seems like any day.
So on the second day of spring, a low glycemic, gluten free menu began. Kicking it off, green tea.
My coffee intake over the last year has gotten…a little crazy. Some days a pot of coffee. Maybe with a lot of creamer (Carnation’s Peppermint Mocha to be exact, which is sold all year).
Step one has been good. I had probably a few cups of green tea. I use Tervis which is 24 ounces, so probably more than a few cups.
Weening off coffee will have it’s side effects but I have drank less than usual within the last few days. Let’s be honest, it was really weening out coffee creamer. There was just a wee bit on Sunday, not even enough for a cup.
Sugar will be the hard part, but it comes down to one day at a time. It’s all you can do.
Sure, looking at the big picture is great. But baby steps. Like with my water intake. I am now under Taylor’s wing at Forum Health. She said not to jump into 64 ounces at once. Take it slow. I drink about 24 ounces so this week is 36 ounces. Then, next week 48 ounces and by the third week I will be where I need to be. The trick for me – always have it around.
Saturday will be easy for water intake. I will just keep refilling my water cup while I am at the 12-hour scrapbook crop. For food, it should also be easy. I usually take my own just in case.
I know part of the thrill during a scrapbook crop is snacking and the treats. But, the last crop I went to in February, I didn’t really snack. After injuring myself on scissors, the focus was on creating layouts, finding the right paper, getting as many photos on one to two pages as possible. It was not on snacking.
Plus, the treat I brought home from last month’s crop, a small brownie from a bakery in Oxford, lasted about two weeks. I don’t know if someone in the house got sick of looking at it just sitting on the counter. But I did not eat it.
So veggies and hummus on Saturday.

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