Wendi’s Word: Reading month is every month

I got pretty lucky having two young readers in our home. And, what a month to celebrate with March is Reading Month.
Jonathan tracked the minutes he read from March 1-21 for the school wide challenge. The top three from each class with the most minutes received medals and fourth place received a special inflatable torch for the Olympic themed month.
Jonathan had a big goal to read 60 minutes a day. Some days were good and some days we were just lucky he read for 20 minutes as he and his little brother were sick for just over a week during the month.
Most classrooms, including Jonathan’s class, had mystery readers during their library time.
His library time is on Tuesdays after lunch, a time I could work around. I was quick enough to grab one of the three slots for his class.
It was the first time being mystery reader for Jonathan’s class. I stuck with the mystery. I didn’t put it on the calendar in the kitchen which has all the happenings for the month. Also, I didn’t tell Jonathan about it. I just reminded him to have his book in his backpack for library day.
I picked two books – “Horton Hatches the Egg” and “Horton Hears a Who,” and I brought a tiny Horton with me that I had found at the store.
I waited in one of the classrooms attached to the library. Then, the librarian opened the door and introduced me. Jonathan, I will say, was a little emotional. The librarian later said the kids always want the mystery reader to be their person so that’s probably why he was a little emotional.
I told the kids I couldn’t choose which of the two books and to help me. It was a split room. So, Jonathan chose and I read “Horton Hears a Who” reminding about midway about how long it truly was. But, the students still had enough time to rest, choose a book and check it out. Then, I gave a hug to Jonathan and they were out the door heading back to their classroom.
A week before I read to Oliver’s preschool class, which any parent and/or guardian could sign up any day. I took two books to his classroom as well. I ended up reading “The Day I Forgot to Wash My Hands” written by Anna W. Bardaus and illustrated by Andy Elkerton, a book given to Jonathan from his pediatrician as part of their Reach Out and Read program. Hopefully the kids wash their hands more after hearing the story.
Having two young readers has its pros and cons. For example, the amount of books we have is amazing and beautiful, but it can also be overwhelming. Plus, Oliver enjoys the books his brother is reading but also books directed at preschoolers and any book inbetween. It’s a lot of books in the house.
Another mix pro and con is bookstores. They have no problem visiting a bookstore with me which was great when we vacationed up north last summer. We visited almost every bookstore in each town we were in. It started with Chillermania in Indian River and ended with two bookstores in downtown Traverse City. And, we bought something at each store because…well it’s books. I might say no to the amount of books but at least one book is good.
So, when it came time for a bookstore opening in our town, the boys were happy to join me. They were also happy to run into classmates as well. Jonathan had mixed reviews. For him, it really came down to the selection the store had for kids, which I agree, wasn’t a big selection. So, it’s not in his top five for bookstores but I don’t think kids are the target for the store.
Now that it’s spring break and a new Dog Man book was released, we might go to a bookstore during the break. It will give the boys something to do. Plus, they can pick out their own book. Part of the adventure is picking what bookstore we end up going to.
Any favorite bookstores for the boys to check out? Email wprice@mihomepaper.com

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