Wendi’s Word: Team deserves win

A huge congratulations to Dan Fife, his coaching staff and the Clarkston Boys Varsity Basketball for winning another state championship and making it back-to-back.
I will admit I didn’t feel well Saturday morning, really it felt like my stomach churning. I boil it down to I was nervous for the boys because it only increased the closer it got to game time and as the boys practiced.
It eased in the first quarter as the Wolves were on fire with shooting 3-pointers. They really made it look effortless, but really it’s all the hard work they put into their sport. It truly pays off.
Another huge congratulations to Foster Loyer as being named Mr. Basketball. I spoke to him the day the announcement came about a lot of things including breaking some Clarkston records. He is well spoken for a young man and gave the credit to his teammates and putting him in the position to do so. Even at the press conference after the semifinals and finals, he deferred to the team. The Wolfpack takes care of each other.
Player three has leveled up…again. Not only does our 2-year-old son get out of his crib when he doesn’t want to be in there, but now he can climb into his crib.
He is delighted with himself which is shown through his smile and giggles as he climb up. For those who have gotten cribs which convert into toddlers’ beds, you have probably already experienced the new skill.
Jonathan is also more interested in climbing out of the crib when it’s bed time no matter how tired he is. I have my own way to keep him interested in staying put which is giving him a book. So far, it’s working. Plus sometimes he seems to get out to get something, another stuffed animal or another blanket.
He will be a great climber. Better than me. I wasn’t such a hot climber for the monkey bars in elementary school. Now fences, I could climb.
He is also becoming more adventurous going up and down the stairs. Well, adventurous but holding onto the rails for the first seven steps before getting to a break in the staircase.
For the second set, he does a standing crawl since he doesn’t want to switch to holding to the rails without using his dominant hand. We’ll see what happens in the next few weeks.

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