Wendi’s Word: The Christmas season is here and kids make it all worth it

I felt ahead of the Christmas rush. Notice the past tense.
The Christmas tree went up the Sunday before Thanksgiving because the living room was clean and it was a good day to decorate.
The boys helped put ornaments on the tree. They also helped distribute the ornaments to other areas of the house. Oliver grabbed all the Paw Patrol ornaments and took them up to his bedroom to put on his Christmas tree. Jonathan took a few to his room as well. They would be putting up their trees with Grammi.
The boys had fun decorating the tree and seeing the different ornaments. Plus, not only ornaments Jonathan had made in school but crafts Mike made when he was a child. I still have an gingerbread house I had painted when I was younger. My sister and I would stock up on small ceramic ornaments from Frank’s Nursery at Meadowbrook Village Mall to paint.
Other decorations came out of the boxes along with the holiday artwork Jonathan has created the last few years in school. Oliver will have an opportunity to create his own this year – he is drawing and painting more since he started preschool.
The stockings went up while Michael Buble was singing Christmas songs in the background. To be clear, I play his Christmas songs all year. It doesn’t have to be the holiday season.
With the home holiday ready before Thanksgiving I felt ahead but I am quickly feeling behind. There are boxes of Christmas cards which could be sent this year. There is still shopping for gifts that needs to be done. It’s mentally done. I know what I want to get – it’s just finding it and making the list of stops to make. Then, the wrapping but I am getting ahead of myself because wrapping happens on Christmas Eve – why break that holiday tradition.
During the holidays, one needs to be ready for the curve balls. Not really if something isn’t in stock. The boys have circled enough items in every catalog that arrived in the mailbox I think they will be good.
It’s the Elf on the Shelf curve ball. I equally remember and forget the elf exists.
Jonathan brought up the elf last week. Less than five minutes after pulling away from the elementary school, he was sharing stories his classmates had been telling throughout the day of their elves and what kind of mischief the elves had caused.
We have two elves. They arrive when the stockings are put up over the fireplace. They actually cling to the stockings. It’s a good spot – they can see a lot in the house.
They are small and the closet thing we have to Elf on the Shelf. We never got into the tradition of the elves. Honestly, I saw some items at a retail store and thought they were cute Christmas items for Barbie.
Seven-year-old Jonathan, soon to be eight in less than a week, only asked a few times why we don’t have an elf. I have answered with a quote from Buddy the Elf – “Santa! I know him!”
With traditions, there are some holiday events we try to attend every year. But, this time of year is hard because one or more people in the household are usually sick. Actually right now there are a few coughs and sneezes.
The boys have enjoyed their first Christmas parade. Jonathan was in it for Cub Scouts and chose to hand out candy to the parade goers. Oliver went to watch the parade and to see big brother walk in the parade.
Then Oliver and I went to the toy store in our town where he picked out his brother’s birthday present. It was very nice – he picked the item out and said he wanted to get it for brother.
Then, I asked if they wanted to go to Clarkston Family Farm for the annual Christmas at the Farm.
It’s terrible to admit but last Saturday was the first time both have visited the Clarkston Family Farm. It’s just never worked out. Last weekend it did and the boys are at a good age where they will listen and won’t run too far away.
The reviews from the boys are in and they are good.
Jonathan said he enjoyed seeing the Grinch and throwing snowballs at him. He didn’t say it but I think he really enjoyed all of it and would’ve picked something from each station. But, the Grinch is what he talked about the most on the car ride home.
Oliver didn’t have much to say on the way home. He actually fell asleep. The next day he said he did liked the hayride and Mr. Grinch. He smiled when his brother mentioned it.
Though the first thing he wanted to do after walking through Candy Cane Lane was go on the school bus, Big Oaks Books. The boys each picked a book. Toys are easy to say no to buying especially this time of year – there’s Christmas, plus both the boys have birthdays really close to the holidays. It was a good start to the holiday festivities for the month including seeing all the lights.

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