Where will the additional $50,000 come from?

I agree with Mike Fetzer’s letter of March 20, 2024 regarding the township using taxpayers money for maintaining residential gravel roads. (“Independence Twp. Board approves additional $50,000 for gravel road maintenance,” Clarkston News, March 13.)
Where is the $50,000 being taken from? What maintenance issues for all residents will be decreased due to this earmark?
I have lived on a private road in Independence Township for 32 years. My neighbors and I pay for our road upkeep. When will we, and other residents on private roads, begin receiving funds for our road maintenance?
I voted against the road millage when it was on the ballot several years ago, but of course, paid the increased tax anyway, as I had no choice. I figured at the time that this would lead to the “where’s mine?” that we’re seeing now.
Residential streets that are supposed to be maintained by the RCOC, need to be maintained by RCOC, not township residents. The board needs to reconsider this decision.

Marjorie Runyan
Clarkston, MI

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