Why more roundabouts?

The Clarkston News reported the scheduled closure of the Clarkston Road / Baldwin Road intersection to install a roundabout. (Clarkston News June 5 edition, Baldwin/Clarkston roads intersection to close June 10)
The first question is why? Did the road commission complete a survey of: accident frequency, average wait time at red lights, longest wait time at red lights, peak traffic time, and any other factors that would influence this decision?
What is the projected improvement in traffic flow with this roundabout?
From an environmental aspect, has a study been completed on the emissions that will be emitted by vehicles driving additional miles using the designated Detour route?
We all heard the promise to fix the damn roads, but instead of fixing more roads, there is a strong focus on installing roundabouts throughout Michigan. There are already five roundabouts on Baldwin road between I-75 and Waldon Road. Maybe, the Road Commission should consider a roundabout at the junction of I-75 and I-94!
I have almost been hit twice by drivers that do not know the proper roundabout rules of the road and there have been studies that show higher accident rates in roundabouts during peak traffic times.
I ask again, why is this roundabout required?
Tom Breneiser

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