Wolves join Dragons for success in the pool

Clarkston athletes were back at it with the Dragons United Varsity Water Polo teams at the end of March as the seasons for the boys and girls teams began.
The Boys Varsity Dragons team won their season opener against Chelsea on March 27, 14-1.
Lake Orion junior Jack Watt covered the net for the entire first half with Lake Orion senior Michael Pavelich stepping in to man the goal for the second half.
When Watt swam with the Dragons, he added in one goal and Pavelich had two goals.
Offensively, the Dragons showed their team is excited to take on the season as new members Clarkston junior Canyon Roodbeen and Lake Orion sophomore Ivan Dashkevich and added three goals each.
Clarkston sophomore Lucas Breeden and Lake Orion junior Noah Watt had two goals each. Lake Orion junior Nick Kadulski had one goal.
The team faced tough opposition from Mason and were victorious, on April 1.
Jack Watt held off the opposition in the net until the closing buzzer sounded with a score of 10-9.
Watt had six saves and three steals as well to fend off the Bulldogs.
The Dragons were led by Lake Orion senior Dane Herrick, who was a force at both ends of the pool with five goals and five steals. He was joined in the offensive rally by Noah Watt who also added five goals. N. Watt added strong defensive skills as well, racking up two steals to keep the fast paced action returning to the Dragon scoring side of the pool.
The Dragon offense was assisted by new Clarkston members sophomore Owen Guzal with two assists, and Roodbeen with one. Lake Orion junior Nick Kadulski also added an assist.
The Girls Varsity Dragons lost their game, 11-8. The Dragon offense put up a battle, led by Lake Orion juniors Jenna Manganello with three goals and Rose Corliss with two goals. They were supported by Lake Orion senior Emma Giem and juniors Dakota Guldi and Madi Gordon who each shot in one.
The Dragons United Girls team was small in numbers due to spring break but made up for it in grit during a loss to Mason, 10-3.
Giem led the team at both ends of the pool with one goal and two defensive steals.
Her efforts were joined by Guldi and Clarkston junior Elin Gebrowsky, who each had one goal and one steal.
The Dragons continued to fight defensively with Lake Orion freshman Cheyenne Guldi and Oxford senior Emily Geda each adding one steal a piece.
The Dragons United Varsity Water Polo team was last in the pool in the 2019 fall season. Due to COVID-pandemic, the 2020 spring season for the girls was cancelled and the fall season for the boys was delayed. Both teams were able to begin dryland training and actively participate in water drills, preparing for the season.
“I am so thankful for my parent group and the athletic staff for doing a lot of the heavy lifting from the administration of the COVID tests and required data entry,” said Coach Kevin Ott, who has been on staff for six years. “It will take a village to get through the season, but definitely worth it for our kids need to be kids again and make memories through both academics and sports.”
For more information, please contact dragonsunitedpolo@gmail.com or visit Dragons United Water Polo:MWPA Lake Orion/Clarkston on Facebook to learn more about the team and water polo.

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