Wolves place fourth in Balawajdar Relays at Milford

Clarkston High School Track and Field finished in fourth place at the Balawajder Coed Classic Relays at Milford on Saturday with 77 points.
For track events, Clarkston finished in first place in the shuttle hurdles in 1:05.0; second place in the 800-meter relay, second place, 1:44.0; 6,400-meter relay, second place, 21:01.6; distance medley relay, third place, 12:18.83; 3,200-meter relay, fourth place, 9:59.0; 400-meter, fourth place, 49.85; shot put/discus 800-meter, fourth place, 2:03.6; sprint medley, fifth place, 2:58 and 1,600-meter, seventh place, 4:13.4.
For field events, the Wolves finished in fourth place in the shot put, 128-06.75; Ben Haas threw 55-01.75; Jamael McKinney, 29-00.75; Phoebe Savoie, 24-07.5; and Kaelyn Rhyndress, 19-08.75.
They finished fourth place in discus, 337-01; Haas threw 132-00; McKinney, 90-05; Savoie, 63-02; and Allie Danatzko, 51-06.
They took fourth place in the high jump, 14-06; Valen Kurmaniak finished with 5-07; Madie Carpentier, 4-07; and Lily Kurmaniak, 4-04.
The Wolves finished third in the pole vault, 25-06; Brendan Farmer finished with 7-00; Genna Golab, 9-06; and Hannah Golab, 9-00.
Clarkston finished sixth in the long jump, 61-05.25; Mark Palmeter finished with 17-00.25; Landon Butcher, 16-01.25; Katrina Massey, 15-00.75; and Genna Golab, 13-03.5.
Northville finished in first place with 127 points. Milford took second place with 97 points; Novi, third, 89; West Bloomfield and Williamston, fifth, 54; and Rochester, sixth, 49.
Clarkston heads to Lake Orion this Wednesday and Oxford next Wednesday.

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