Clarkston Rocks this summer

Clarkston Rocks this summer

Colorful Clarkston Rocks, ready to be hidden somewhere in town. Photo provided

Have you walked around town lately, looked down, and noticed a painted rock? Good! You’ve just been Clarkston Rocked!
Hundreds of children and adults are making Clarkston Rocks this summer, painting, planting, hiding, and finding the colorfully decorated stones all over the area.
“Individuals paint their own rocks and hide them around town and hunt for other rocks already painted,” said Kim Berry, one of the organizers.
The project is based at the Facebook page “Clarkston Rocks,” which has more than 1,000 members.
“Many cities are doing the same. It’s a craze right now,” Berry said. “Some grandparents paint with their grandchildren, some hunt around town with them, one woman said how painting the rocks helped her with her chemo recovery and brought her joy again.”
Members post pictures of themselves and the rocks on the Facebook page, and share their hunting experiences and successes.
“The thought was to get kids and families out there walking around town and creating art to share. It is a huge hit,” she said. “We have had many people thank us for accepting them into the group so now they have a reason to paint again. Also many people have thanked us for starting such a nice community activity.”
Rules include being respectful of people’s property, don’t paint over art, and don’t hide them in grass, where they might get hit by a lawn mower. Also, make sure the rocks are part of the program before taking them.
– Phil Custodio

2 Responses to "Clarkston Rocks this summer"

  1. Shirley Quick   May 22, 2018 at 5:09 am

    My granddaughter an I. Loved to do this together.

  2. Connie Thompson   July 9, 2018 at 11:32 am

    I love this activity and actually did it in 1976 or 7 at South Sashabaw Elementary School which of course no longer exists. I had collected a bunch of rocks from a beach up north in Elk Rapids and I brought them back for the beginning of school. On our first day together the students turned their rocks into various animals using paints, and paper cut into the shape of animal parts. So much fun and a great Icebreaker for the first day of school. I believe art is a medium in which we can reach all students. As a teacher we never know where I influence ends…


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