Garden spots spruced up for Fourth

Volunteers weed and plant flowers in the garden next to the Clarkston News building. Photo provided
Volunteers weed and plant flowers in the garden next to the Clarkston News building. Photo provided

Clarkston News Editor
Westside gardens at Main and Washington streets received some colorful care thanks to city workers and volunteers with Clarkston Cultural Arts Council, just in time for the Fourth of July parade.
“The Clarkston Cultural Arts Council volunteered to take it on after volunteering to take on the city parking lot landscape two years ago, and expanding that this year for areas not adopted by others,” said arts council member Cory Johnston.
They worked with Mayor Steven Percival and City Manager Jonathan Smith on a joint agreement with the city for about 25 cubic yards of mulch for the gardens.
“The city provided the mulch and DPW workers did a lot of the weeding and finished it,” Smith said. “We wanted it all cleaned up for the parade.”
“They were going to obtain a large amount anyway and it didn’t make sense to have multiple kinds and multiple deliveries for the same purpose and location,” Johnston said.
It was raining on the volunteers’ work day, June 25, but Cory and Robyn Johnston, Aimee Baker, Sara Sanger, and Robina Campbell came out to help.
“Timing and weather have been a problem along with trying to coordinate a Little Free Library installation and possible pay parking kiosk,” Cory said. “In addition to adding some more plants, we would like to add some artwork and some sculpture to both areas along with more edible plants to add greater interest.”
A DIA Inside|Out installation is planned for the Clarkston News lot, and a donated bike rack was also placed in the 5 S. Main parking lot, he said.
“It’s a good location to serve Rudy’s and the village grill, and to pick up a copy of the Clarkston News,” he said.
Ideas, donations, and ideas are always welcome, he said. Call 248-266-5774.

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  1. Rick Detkowski   July 7, 2017 at 7:42 am

    Thanks to everyone for your efforts, it’s great to see residents stepping up and helping.


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