LETTER TO THE EDITOR: A call to volunteer in the new year

Dear Editor,
Have you made your News Years resolution yet? Why not volunteer?
Why volunteer? Because it most likely will improve your “well being” – this is, your mental health, physical health, and sense of worth!
Most of us are social beings. That is, we enjoy being with others. Ask most retirees and veterans what they miss most about what they had been doing and they will say: “They miss the people,” the people with whom they worked, the social relationships.
Secondly, they may miss just being active, doing something. Perhaps, these are the main reasons many go back to work (often part time) and/or volunteer. Being with others and doing something that helps them feel “alive” and “productive.”
“Researchers found a positive association between volunteering and good mental health (and physical health) … (and it) strengthened with age,” from www.cbsnews.com/news/volunteering-improve-mental-health-well-being.
Why not make your year’s New Years resolution to be a volunteer!
Tom Stone
P.S., My mother volunteered as her church’s treasurer for years, even when she was in her 70’s.

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