PHIL IN THE BLANK: New season for CVP

The new Clarkston Village Players season is well underway, with one play under their belts and the second set to hit the stage this weekend.
The players put on a great show with Steve Martin’s “Underpants” in August, a comedy inspired by an early 20th century German drama.
CVP’s new production of the comedy “Here on the Flight Path” opens on Thursday for two weekends only. It’s by my favorite comedy playwright from the Great White North, Norm Foster.
He wrote “Self Help,” which Clarkston Village Players produced in the spring and in which I played a part.
There’ll be lots of clever word play in the Flight Path production, as is typical with Norm Foster, along with obscure Canadian references.
Rehearsals are also underway for the next CVP production, set to hit the stage in late November. I’m in that one, too, “Mornings at Seven,” by Paul Osborn.
It’s a drama featuring four sisters dealing with long-standing family issues mostly caused by the men in their lives – I play one of those guys.
So far in my year and a half with Clarkston Village Players, I’ve played a soldier on guard in “Hamlet II,” sort of like my experience in the Army; a bellhop fanboy on “Lend Me a Tenor,” kind of like my experience in the service industry and as a fan at comic conventions; and an investigative reporter in “Self Help,” vaguely like what I do here.
My “Mornings at Seven” role is an old guy, long retired, a teacher, which I’ve done a bit of, but low key and subtle in a 1930’s, midwestern kind of way, which I’m working on.
Music can heal a broken heart, but what about when they happen at the same time?
Prayers for the heartbreakingly huge number of victims in Sunday’s massacre at the country music festival in Las Vegas.
Prayers also for those who think they deserved it because of their supposed Trump support, patriotism, being white, or whatever.
And prayers for the family of the great Tom Petty, who also passed away on Monday.

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