A Look Back for June 23, 2021

From The Clarkston News archives

25 years ago – 1996
“$61 million and rising” Clarkston Community Schools’ next bond issue kept getting bigger and bigger the closer it got. The new total from architects from Greiner Inc. for renovations and additions at ten existing buildings was estimated for over $61 million, including a new elementary school.
“Candice Miller visits Clarkston” Employees in Clarkston’s Secretary of State office were thanking Candice Miller after she made a personal appearance at the local office where she greeted customers and talked business with branch employees and branch supervisor.
“Teen is car wash queen” Marge McNeil’s go-getter attitude and resulting increased sales for Clarkston Auto Wash on Dixie Highway earned her a nomination from the Ritters for Professional Carwashing & Detailing Magazine’s 1996 Most Valuable Carwasher Award. McNeil beat out other contestants across the nation and was flown to Las Vegas to receive the award.

50 years ago – 1971
“Citizens angered, visit council over parking lot goings on” Village residents crowded the council chambers to protest the goings on in the downtown parking lot. Complaints of rowdyism, drug pushing, yelling, swimming, breaking bottles and using neighboring creek and woods to relieve themselves.
“Tiara & Donna” Donna Caston of Clarkston took first place honors at the third annual Spring Horse Show in the Green Working Hunter, second year class.
“Around town” Mary, Ellen, Paul, Jim and Laura Fellows of Sunnydale, entertained their parents, Mr. and Mrs. William Fellows to honor their 22nd wedding anniversary. They took them to Elmwood Casino in Windsor to be serenaded by singer, Tony Bennett.

75 years ago – 1946
“Fred Stewart retires from school job” Back in 1919 when the Clarkston school system reacted kindly to a graduating class of two, and when the school was located on North Main Street, Fred Stewart started his duties as a caretaker. After 20-plus years he planned to take a rest and retire from his work.
“Ball team to play Hadley” The Clarkston Ball team went to Mikado where they defeated Lincoln, 14-4, and lost to Mikado. Next for the team was Hadley.
“Clarkston locals” A card from the George Perry family said on Monday Mr. Perry and his father purchased a carload of cattle at Oklahoma City. From Oklahoma, they head into Texas to attend Dick Perry’s wedding.

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