Athletes of the Week: Lasting Legacy

Clarkston News Sports Writer
Chloe Giethbrock, Jersey Loyer and Jessica Petker are heading to the 2018 USA Volleyball Girls’ Junior National Championships after qualifying with their Legacy 12-Elite team during the bid tournament, May 5-6.
“I was amazed,” Petker smiled.
“I was really excited,” Loyer added. “I was on the same team last year with the same coach, and we didn’t qualify. So I was really excited we qualified.”

From left, Chloe Giethbrock, Jessica Petker and Jersey Loyer enjoy a sweet treat for winning a national bid. Photo by Wendi Reardon Price

“It was really cool because we put in the extra hours,” Giethbrock said.
The girls faced one of their rival opponents during the bid tournament who they had defeated and also lost against during tournaments.
“We are really determined to beat them every time,” Petker said.
“It was fun we got to play a team who is our rival,” Loyer smiled. “It felt even better when we qualified.”
The trio has been with Legacy for about three years.
“They have great coaches,” Petker said. “My coach always says ‘fake it until you make it.’ It’s a big inspiration because I really like the quote.”
“Legacy is really good, not only do you learn volleyball skills and techniques, you learn things you need to know for the real world like being prepared and realizing you will have to sacrifice something,” Loyer said.
“It’s good experience,” Giethbrock added. “All the girls grow together.”
Petker began playing when she was introduced to volleyball by her sister’s friends. Petker and her sister joined Legacy as they got further into the sport.
Giethbrock began playing because of her sister, who also plays for Legacy.
“She was a big inspiration,” she added.
Loyer said volleyball runs in her family as her mom played in college and her aunt and cousins play as well.
“I have been playing for a long time,” she added.
Legacy 12-Elite plays in the national championship in Detroit, June 27-30.
“I know it will be hard competition but it’s going to be fun,” said Giethbrock.
“I am really excited we get this opportunity to do this,” Petker added.