Martin Luther King, Jr. Day

Martin Luther King, Jr. Day has passed. Schools were closed, banks, libraries, government offices — all closed in honor of this one man. While alive and after his murder, his words still resinate with emotion, power and meaning . . . and well, I think there should be school on Martin Luther King, Jr. Day. […]

Virgin dragon prepares to give birth

Well guys, it’s been nice knowing you. Unfortunately, I have been to the mountaintop and have seen the handwriting on the proverbial wall. I tried to ignore it, but whenever I turn, I see more and more walls marred with bad news graffiti. I even consulted my magic eight-ball and in the mysteriously charged purplish […]

You can help make this newspaper better

As the dawn of yet another year approached, the leaders of the universe that is Sherman Publications sat atop their ivory towers and looked down at me. From far atop I heard their voices, bellowing like rolling thunder. In unison, three voices spoke as one . . . ‘Donald,? they summoned. ‘Donald. It is time. […]

New year means get a new name

This column originally ran Jan. 2003 It’s the dawn of a new day in Casa de Rush. We’re shaking things up and gonna get rid of those midwinter blues. Yep, happy days are here again! We’ve come to the conclusion the Rush name is boring. Come on, take a moment and think about it: Don […]

Some last minute Christmas shopping ideas

Folks up in the hinterlands of Ortonville and Goodrich rightly chastised yours truly for not mentioning local shopping in their neck of the woods. For those with short memories, recently I wrote about shopping local in Oxford (for The Oxford Leader), Lake Orion (for The Lake Orion Review) and Clarkston (for The Clarkston News — […]

Obligatory Christmas Column #1,279,538

As I look back upon the thrilling holidays of yesteryear, I have come to believe those Christmases Past were magical. They were always white with snow. Everything sparkled. No strife. No sadness, only smiles and love. * * * While watching the 34th annual showing of Rankin-Bass? animated ‘classic,? Santa Claus is Comin? To Town, […]

Some Christmas gift giving ideas

When this column runs, there will be less than 20 days left to buy Christmas presents for thems you love. Which means, I have plenty of time. If I start in about 19 days, I’ll be okay. (And, I’ll have plenty of cheap things to choose from.) A couple of thoughts have crossed synapses inside […]

‘Tis the season to help those you don’t even know

‘Extra! Extra! Read all about it! Don’t hit the folks standing in the roads selling newspapers!? * * * I know it’s that holiday time of year because over the past six weeks I have put together area Goodfellow newspapers (boy, have I been putting together Goodfellow newspapers — but, I know, you don’t want […]

What would you ask your Congressman?

Maybe it’s because we live and work in Michigan, but, I see more and more locals shaking their heads. I read more mail from folks with this general attitude, ‘Our system has failed us.? Maybe it’s because we see more signs reading, ‘Liquidation Sale? or ‘Going Out of Business Sale.? Maybe it’s because we’ve all […]

Thomas Jefferson on this past election

It’s over! Thank whomever you will, but thank ’em goodly for the past election cycle passing. How crappy can politicians be to one another? And, how idle-minded are we to listen to their crappiness? I can only venture a guess, but I’d wager political advertising will only become increasingly negative, false and salacious before it […]

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