Bird song expert with Backyard Birders

Lee Western, bird song and vocalization identification expert, will be featured speaker at the Backyard Birders Club meeting at 7 p.m., Sept. 27, at The Gateway, 7150 N. Main Street.
“People often say they have to see it to believe it, but not so with identifying a bird,” says Bob McGowan, founder and president of the Clarkston-area club. “Many birds in our area are heard much more frequently than they are seen.”
Western will provide useful tips about how folks can identify birds they cannot always see but can hear, by attending to their vocalizations, McGowan said.
“Lee will share techniques from his many years of experience that will help in identifying the mystery birds responsible for those often-puzzling bird songs and calls,” McGowan said.
Club meetings are free, informal, and casual, he said.
“We also provide free coffee and cookies and a fittingly natural setting in the outdoor waterfall park-like setting and indoor atrium of The Gateway, where Steve Stroud and his capable staff are gracious hosts for our meetings the last Wednesday of every month but December,” McGowan said.

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