City to consider more no-parking areas

Clarkston News Editor
The Clarkston city Parking Committee called on City Council to consider a list of recommendations at next week’s meeting.
“Our backs are against the wall, we have to do something,” said Council member Rick Detkowski at the Oct. 23 meeting. “This is a bandaid until spring, when hopefully we’ll have the funds to address this.”
Recommendations include no-parking posted on E. Church Street, no parking on S. Buffalo, and “no on-street parking” or “off-street parking only” signs on E. Washington.
The changes are needed because the roads do not meet American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials (AASHTO) standards for width, Detkowski said.
“We’ve had near misses – if we had actual accidents, we’d be in big trouble,” he said.
A claim against the city could increase its ongoing rates, said City Manager Jonathan Smith.
Recommendations also include bagging the no-parking signs during holidays, consult with city engineers HRC on how to make the streets compliant, ask the Signs and Streets Committee to consider signs to direct patrons to available parking, and review ordinances to prepare for future businesses coming into town.
“How do we use the lessons learned and create requirements for potential new businesses to address parking – explore updating the parking deferment ordinance,” Detkowski said. “Do we update and make it viable for businesses and adhere to the law, or do we continue to ignore it?”
Installation of a parking kiosk at the Washington and Main parking lot should be complete by the middle of November, said Smith.
A dedicated bank account has been set up, which will allow credit card payments, parking spot numbering is complete, and a parking enforcement official has been hired.
The parking kiosk was purchased from Harvey Electronics and Radio at a total cost of $9,775. All parking revenue from the lot, $1 per hour for its 58 spaces, would be used to pay for the parking lot.