City Council, 1-9-17

City of the Village of Clarkston
City Council
Regular Meeting Minutes
01 09 2017 Minutes
Prospective City Manager interview started approximately 6:30 PM of Andrew Muniz. Call to Order at 7:15 PM Pledge of Allegiance. Roll Call: Mayor Percival, Catallo, Detkowski, Marsh, Wylie, Haven, Kneisc. Approval of agenda: Motion by Detkowski, Supported by Haven to approve the amended agenda item to add to the agenda a special Council Meeting. Motion Carried. Public Comments: Dennis Ritter is concerned about the deck being so close to the clock at 15 S Main. The Mayor and City Manager are looking into the matter. Committee Reports: Motion by Wylie, Supported by Haven to approve members of the Parking Committee and vision statement. The members are so far as follows: Rick Detkowski, Jennifer Radcliff, Mike Besch, Trena Besch, Jason Kneisc. There was no action taken. This was tabled until 01 23 2017. There is no Facility meeting this month. Consent Agenda: Motion by Haven, Supported by Marsh to approve the consent agenda with the changes of the 11 28 2016 minutes. Al Avery was not present at the meeting and Correction of 10 24 2016 Minutes. All Aye, Motion Carried. Motion by Marsh, Supported by Haven to discuss a change of Planning Commission Member numbers of 5 members along with an ordinance change. Motion Carried. Oakland County No-Haz Program was presented by Whitney Calio. City Council did not make a motion to participate in this program. Motion by Marsh, Supported by Kneisc to extend the meeting past 9 PM. Motion Carried. Motion by Wylie, Supported by Haven to hold a Special Council Meeting at 7 pm on Thursday January 12 to interview and possibly hire a new Treasurer and or City Manager and take a look at 3 other resumes. Motion Carried. Motion by Percival, Supported by Wylie to reappoint Margaret De Costa and Scott Meyland to the Zoning Board of Appeals with their terms to expire June 30, 2019, and to hold off on any other appointments until further discussions would be held. Roll Call: Percival, Wylie, Catallo, Detkowski, Kneisc, Haven. Yes. Marsh, No. Motion Carried. Resolution by Catallo, Supported by Marsh to Approve a Budget Amendment General Fund 101, Major Streets Fund, and Capital Project Fund 401 of $2,242.30. Resolution is Adopted. Resolution by Haven, Supported by Kneisc to Approve Final Invoices from Hubble Roth and Clark from accrued funds of 2015 and 2016 totaling $8,588.00. Resolution is Adopted. Resolution to go into Closed Session Resolved by Haven, Supported by Marsh to go into Closed Session to discuss Attorney Client Privilege communication in regards to CBC Joint Venture at 10:17. Resolution is Adopted. Resolution to come back into Open Session at 10:49. Resolved by Kneisc, Supported by Detkowski. Resolution is Adopted. Motion by Marsh, Supported by Haven to support the Attorney’s Recommendation. Roll Call: Marsh, Catallo, Kneisc, Haven, Yes. Wylie, Detkowski, Percival, No. Motion Carried. Motion by Wylie, Supported by Percival to adjourn at 10:53. Motion Carried.
Respectfully Submitted, Sandy Miller, City Clerk



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