Keiser’s Role: ‘Clark Kent’ retires

20160826_153829“Making a big change in life is pretty scary. But know what’s even more scarier?…Regret.” – Zig Ziglar
In May 2007 I walked through The Clarkston News door as a fresh out of college as a cub reporter. This Friday (Sept. 9) I will walk out the same door as a seasoned reporter setting off on a new adventure as recruiter or to use the old school term head hunter with VP Total Solutions staffing firm in Flint.
When I came to the CNews nine years ago, I was ready to tackle every story with vigor. I was going to take on goverment bodies and officials and hold them accountable to their word. I did just that.
I know many of you are probably wondering why I am quiting a career I’ve become so good at and entering one I know very little about. The truth is I am ready for something new and something different. When I became a single dad two years ago after my divorce my perspective on life changed in many areas, including my career.
Plus, I want to teach my son to never become complacent and sometimes we need to enlarge ourselves and try something new to help us grow.
As I come to a close, I would like to give a heartfelt thanks to Publisher Jim Sherman, Jr. and the Sherman Publications family who allowed me to work at three of their papers. While many local papers have turned to fluff, I’ve always been proud to have a publisher and Assistant Publisher Don Rush behind us who believed in telling the truth no matter what or who.
I would also like to thank you my editor Phil Custodio for hiring me nine years ago. Phil with his calm and easy going demeanor along with the rest of the Clarkston News staff made showing up to the office a pleasure. We’ve had a lot of fun shared many laughs (and some tears) and enjoyed lots of food. Finally, thank you Clarkston for your love and support over the years. I hold many of you dear to my heart
Just because I am walking away from journalism, don’t think I won’t be putting the skill-sets I’ve gained of asking questions and listening carefully to good use. I look at my past nine years of playing Clark Kent as my preparation to becoming Superman.

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