City of the Village of Clarkston
02 22 2016 Regular meeting minutes Summary
Present: Mayor Luginski, Sabol, Marsh, Kneisc, Haven, Catallo. Absent Avery
Motion by Sabol, Supported by Marsh to Approve the Agenda with the addition of Streets Committee Appointment after Plant Exchange item.
Mary Kay presented a Clarkston Musical Play Date, as an educator at the Clarkston Conservatory of Music is asking for two dates, to bring families together in a musical way. The two dates are Wednesdays, August 3 and August 24, 2016 from 10:30 to 11:30. Motion by Haven, Supported by Sabol to approve of this activity with the provision of a Certificate of Insurance. Motion Carried.
Motion by Catallo, Supported by Sabol to have a Plant Exchange on Saturday June 4, 2016 from 7 am to 11 am. The Plant Exchange will take place near the Washington and Main parking lot. Motion Carried.
Motion by Luginski, Supported by Haven to approve the Appointment of Andrew Olafsson to the Streets Committee. Motion Carried.
Resolution to go into closed session for the purpose to prevent financial impact on the City to discuss Attorney Client Privilege relative to pending litigation, Regarding the Bisio case. Resolution by  Haven Supported by Marsh to go into closed session. Resolution is Adopted. At 7:12 pm
Resolution to go back into Open Session at 7:45 pm. Resolved by Sabol Supported by Haven. Resolution is Adopted. at 7:45 pm.
Motion by Sabol, Supported by Haven to propose a settlement agreement to procede as recommended by James Tamm. All Aye, Catallo, No. Avery Absent. Motion Carried.
Motion by Sabol, Supported by Marsh to Adjourn at 7:46 pm Motion Carried
Submitted by Sandy Miller, City Clerk

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