City of the Village of Clarkston
City Council Regular Meeting
Minutes Summary
March 28, 2016
Meeting Called to order at 7 pm
Roll Call: Mayor Luginski, Avery, Catallo, Haven, Marsh, Sabol. Absent Kneisc
Motion by Sabol, Supported by Marsh to move Municode to Old Business and add Canada Goose egg and nest destruction and round up/translocation Program under item 10. Motion Carried.
Motion by Haven, Supported by Marsh to approve the Consent Agenda as Presented. Motion Carried.
Resolution Municode Motion by Sabol, Supported by Marsh to Bring back the Municode item. Motion Carried. Motion by Avery, Supported by Sabol to table Municode until June 13, 2016 meeting so more research can be done on the program.
Resolved by Avery, Supported by Marsh to participate in the DNRE Canada Goose Program. Approval for the Clarkston Mill Pond for both the Canada Goose Egg and Nest Destruction and Round Up/Translocation Programs for 2016 through 2021. Catallo No, Kneisc Absent. Resolution is Adopted.
Motion by Sabol, Supported by Marsh to adjourn the meeting at 7:53 pm. Motion Carried.

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