Clarkston Chiefs help mother battle breast cancer

Jodi Witherspoon had tears in her eyes when she saw what her Clarkston Chiefs family did for her.
The JV White team, coaches and staff added pink ribbons to their helmets and hats for their semi-final playoff game at Dryden on Nov. 1. They did it to support women everywhere ? including Witherspoon and her family.
Witherspoon had gone to the doctor for her mammogram and was diagnosed with breast cancer in August.
At first she didn’t want to tell anyone she had cancer.
Her husband, Chris coached the Chiefs and her son Bryce has played for them, both for three years.
Chris went to practice and told his coaches what was going on. From that moment Jodi received support from coaches, players and families.
‘The blankets, hugs, and support helped the transition,? said Jodi. ‘I love my family. I love my Chiefs. It’s made me accept the fact I had cancer.?
The Chiefs had an award ceremony before the playoff games. During the ceremony, Jodi was presented with a pink blanket covered with ribbons and roses by the team.
Then she saw the ribbons the Chiefs wore during semi-finals.
‘It was icing on the cake,? she said. ‘It was amazing. They were helping bring awareness to everyone about the need for a cure for breast cancer.?
Jodi received chemotherapy the Thursday before the boys played in the Super Bowl on Nov. 8. Her immune system was down, but Bryce would be playing in the game. All season she had told him to ‘Bring it on, Spoon.? On that day, she told him to bring it home.
‘I’m bringing it home,? he told her.
Jodi wrapped herself in blankets and watched from the stands.
Her friends checked up on her. Ken Pass offered to pull the Chiefs bus closer to the field so she could watch the game from there and not get sick. But she stayed in the stands and watched as the Chiefs won, 28-6.
‘It was an amazing game,? Jodi said.
Jodi is doing good with her chemotherapy treatments but still has a long journey.
‘I expected it to be worse,? she said. ‘Technology for breast cancer has come a long way. I am not going to die.?
She doesn’t have as much energy as she used to have, and gets tired more quickly.
‘I learned to balance the important things ? helping the kids with their homework, making dinner and going to school functions,? she said.
Bryce and his sister, Brenna, have helped their mom.
Bryce and his mom even had a pact. He would kick some ‘butt? during the season, and Jodi would kick cancer.
The family will be at home for Thanksgiving and Jodi will stay at home during the Christmas shopping season because her immune system is still down.
‘My fight with cancer has just begun and I have confidence I’m going to win, especially with the support of an organization like the Clarkston Chiefs. I want to thank the parents because I am not used to having someone give so much.?