Clarkston Jehovah’s Witnesses heading to world convention

Colin and Stacy John and their children Caleb, Jesse, and Abby are excited to attend the Jehovah’s Witness regional convention this weekend. Photo by Phil Custodio

Clarkston News Editor
Many weekends, Colin John and fellow Jehovah’s Witnesses of Clarkston can be found evangelizing at Main and Washington downtown.
This weekend, they’ll be with family and friends at their Global 2019 “Love Never Fails!” Regional Convention in Belleville.
“One of the things I love about all the conventions where we go, is the smiles,” said Colin, who is attending the convention series with his wife, Stacy John, and their children Caleb, Jesse, and Abby. “Everybody there is excited about being there, they’re glad, you can just see the joy on their faces. It’s wonderful to go to an atmosphere like that, to see so many people happy. The theme of Love Never Fails, just for us learning how we can learn more love – it seems like there’s less and less love out there.”
The three-day program this Friday through Sunday consists of 52 presentations including talks, audio dramas, interviews, short videos and a two-part feature film. Each day, the morning and afternoon sessions will be introduced by music videos prepared specifically for the convention.
“I thoroughly enjoyed it,” said Stacy about the June convention. “The theme was Love Never Fails. I just thought it was really good. I felt very encouraged, very uplifted. I think that we learned a lot of things we can use in our family, principles from the Bible, and how we treat each other. Communicating, because no family is perfect. We all have things we need to work on. So I just I really appreciate it. There was just a lot in there we were able to use. There did a segment on David from the Bible – I especially appreciated that.”
“I personally feel it’s really heartwarming because you can see everybody enjoys being there, and to be able to see our friends there,” said Caleb, 16, a student at Clarkston High School. “It’s also really nice to see, as dad said, all the smiles that are taking place there.”
“I liked the stories and videos about the galaxy, and the Earth,” said Abby, 7, Springfield Plains Elementary student.
“I like the parts about the different continents and the animals and what they do,” said Jesse, 13, Sashabaw Middle School student.
“And what we can learn from God’s creations. That was a pretty neat segment they did,” Stacy said.
The facilities are also really beautiful, she said.
“It’s out in Bellville, so during lunch time we walk outside and they have a pond out there and Abby really likes seeing the fish,” Stacy said. “You can walk outside and even eat outside if you want to. I know in the past years, we had a picnic lunch outside. That was really nice.”
“It’s just enjoyable to be able to go to something and spend time as a family,” Colin said. “Put our electronics down for once. It’s something we just do together, young or old, we all sit and listen to the same things.”
Both Clarkston High School graduates, Colin and Stacy have lived in the Clarkston area most of their lives.
“I have been raised Jehovah’s Witness and I dedicated my life when I was 15, so for about 25 years now,” Colin said.
They worship with one of two Clarkston congregations at 6400 Clarkston Road, and their ministry includes many weekends evangelizing downtown.
“We’re just another person in the community, and all we’re trying to do is share good news and let people come up and see why we’re there, why we’re taking time for them,” he said. “It goes back to, we care about them and want to share the thoughts we have, and we feel that’s the best way we can do that for our community. There’s no pressure or cost.”
This year is one of the largest global conventions, spanning six continents and over 200 countries. It comes to the Assembly Hall of Jehovah’s Witnesses at 43777 Ecorse Road in Belleville from July 5-7. All are invited. For more information, check

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