Donation ‘makes a huge difference’

Donation ‘makes a huge difference’

By Linda Denstaedt
Special to the Clarkston News

Last month, Joe Fabrizio Sr. donated a 2014 Dodge Grand Caravan to Drew’s Home of Clarkston.
But it’s not just any van.
A custom conversion turned this family minivan into wheelchair-accessible transportation for Fabrizio’s disabled wife Nancy. The conversion also included a side-entry ramp to enable loading and unloading her as well as stable and safe positioning and transporting her in a wheelchair.
“Nancy is the real benefactor,” said Joe Fabrizio. “She was, and still is, my inspiration.”
Nancy passed away Dec. 4, 2022, but she wanted Drew’s Home to have her van after her passing.
“Nancy and I hope her gift will serve the needs of Drew’s Home residents for many years to come,” said Fabrizio.
Drew’s Home provides safe and accessible housing for adults with disabilities. The Fabrizio’s donation serves the nonprofit’s mission of enhancing the living conditions of residents.
Dick Moscovic, chairman of the board of Drew’s Home, says the van will be used to transport handicapped residents to daily programs and activities as well as recreational and educational events in the evenings and on weekends.
“This generous donation makes a huge difference,” said Moscovic. “It allows us to provide safe transportation for all residents, including those in wheelchairs.”

PHOTO: From left, Drew’s Home of Clarkston board members Lou Donagrandi and Donna Clancy, Chairman of the Board Dick Moscovic, Joe Fabrizio Sr., and board members Angela Schaefer, Hal Farah, and Linda Denstaedt look on as the custom van title is handed over from Fabrizio to Moscovic on Aug. 30. Photo: Matt Mackinder

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