‘It’s only Halloween for me’

‘It’s only Halloween for me’

By Matt Mackinder
Clarkston News Editor

INDEPENDENCE TWP. — Brady Arnott lives in Lake Orion but has celebrated Halloween the past few years at his aunt Lindsay Patton’s house in Independence Township.
Arnott, just 10, creates a haunted trail in the backyard of the property, something that attracts hundreds of visitors each season.
“I just like to make people happy and like to see people laugh and smile,” said Arnott.
Arnott said he starts setting up the trail in September and this year finished the weekend before Halloween.
What is it about Halloween that makes Arnott go all out every September and October?
“I just like the theme,” Arnott said. “I just really like it. It’s really fun.”
As for the other holidays on the calendar, Arnott has an affinity for Oct. 31.
“I skip those; it’s only Halloween for me,” said Arnott. “Halloween is my favorite.”

PHOTO: Brady Arnott stands at the entrance to his haunted trail. Photo: Matt Mackinder

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